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Edina City Council Members Discuss Outcome of Recent DNR Inspection

By Crystal Howerton
Superintendent of Utilities Mike Wriedt brought before the Council results of the recent DNR inspection during the regular meeting of June 11.
A representative of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) conducted a Compliance and Operation Inspection of Edina’s public drinking water system on April 24, 2007.  The inspection was used to determine the system’s compliance with the Missouri Safe Drinking Water Act and the Missouri Public Drinking Water Program Regulations.  The following recommendations were made:
  The City of Edina was reminded that a "Final Approval of Construction" is mandatory for the North Street water line replacement project at its completion.
According to the report, a review of the records during the inspection revealed that the water system did not have copies of the bacteriological analysis for the past five years and copies of all inspection reports and correspondence concerning inspection reports for the past ten years.  Both, Wriedt and City Clerk Margaret Gibson feel that this conclusion was reached in error and Wriedt plans to contact the inspector in order to resolve the possible misunderstanding. 
The report said that the raw water intake from the city lake has not been plugged, which was required in the August 25, 2004 inspection report.  The City has been directed to complete the capping with thrust blocking or plugging of the raw water intake line to prevent the lake from draining if the raw water main fails.
DNR recommended that an hour meter or lead lag switch should be installed on the pumps in the pumping station, which would allow operators to determine how long each pump is running and prevent excessive wear and cycling of the pumps.
It was suggested that the City continue to develop and update the current Emergency Operations Plan.
The report recommended that the City begin conducting flow and pressure tests on all hydrants within the distribution system and the results should be logged in the individual hydrant records. 
The City does not have a routine operation and maintenance program to ensure valves are exercised and maintained.
DNR advised that certain safety measures be taken, such as the installation of interior and exterior lighting at the pumping station and the storage facility, protection against unauthorized personnel in the form of a fence and gate, and the posting of signs and emergency contact numbers.
Wriedt discussed the above recommendations with City Council members, however no immediate action was taken.  The City will have 60 days to respond to each recommendation and how they intend to correct the problems that were identified.
Wriedt also informed City Council members that when he went to remove a water meter due to non-payment, he discovered that the meter had been tampered with.  Per city ordinance, the Council voted to charge the resident with the maximum fine of $100. 
Wriedt has been in contact with Bill Gosney regarding the price of chipping and sealing several blocks of Edina streets.  After reviewing the prices to improve sections of North Street, South Fulton Street and North East Street, City Council members agreed to allow Wriedt to make selections at his discretion.
According to Edina Police Chief Roger Waibel, he is still having some problems with overgrown grass and weeds on certain properties.  Having discussed it with Wriedt first, Waibel suggested that instead of paying someone to mow the properties in question that the City mows them with the new brush hog instead.  The property owner would continue to be charged for the mowing bill, and if left unpaid it would be attached to the property owner’s taxes.  However, Gibson informed City Council members that there have been instances where citizens are paying their property taxes yet leaving their mowing bill unpaid.  City Council members made the decision for City employees to mow these properties, as opposed to hiring the job out.
Chief Waibel and Wriedt have been reviewing the 2005 street survey, particularly regarding the intersection of Campbell and Broadway as a safety issue.  Alderwoman Renee Edwards added that neighbors have come to her with concerns.  City Council members conferred and agreed that a large bush may be obstructing vision at the intersection.  Chief Waibel and Wreidt were given the authority to place stop signs at the intersection at their discretion and to address the bush if needed. Alderman Miller mentioned another concern on Fulton Street.  Council members also directed Waibel to survey that location and determine the need for a sign(s).
Chief Waibel announced that the city ordinances regarding the newly acquired tranquilizer gun, snow removal and 4-wheelers have not been completed yet. Robert Collinge was present to voice his opinion concerning the proposed 4-wheeler ordinance.  "I would like to drive my Polaris Ranger to work.  I would encourage you to consider this when making a decision."
Council members decided that golf carts would be eligible for the permit as well, however, ATV’s would still not be permitted to be operated on city streets.  The permit would be issued exclusively for use by the owner and their spouse, and would only be operated during daylight hours. 
Alderman Gordon Edwards pointed out a residence in which
the porch structure is deteriorating and in danger of collapsing.  It was recognized as a safety hazard and Chief Waibel was directed to contact the property owner.
There have been complaints about debris being left along the dam at the city lake.  The Council suggested that the police department patrol the lake frequently, especially during the summer months.
The subject of the 4th of July was opened as the holiday falls on a Wednesday, this year.  According to Chief Waibel, the city ordinance allows for fireworks on July 3, 4, 5, and 6 only.  Chief Waibel recommended that the City exercise tolerance toward those families who will celebrate the weekend before or the weekend after the holiday, providing that they do so within the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.
Wastewater Superintendent Brad Eitel announced the start of the UV Disinfection Project this month.  "Currently the bypass piping is complete, and all the necessary valves have been installed," explained Eitel.  "They poured concrete for the structure walls today.  I expect the project to be completed in June."
Eitel reported a broken lead wire for pump one that has been replaced and that pump four has a problem with starter contacts.  He has contacted Matt Eberly of Eberly Starter Service to check the starter contacts and replace them if necessary.
Following department reports, City Council members reviewed an application for building permit.  Randi King has requested permission to replace the current trailer at 313 South East Street with a 26 x 48 Ramsey Jones model home.  The building permit was granted. 
Mayor Davey Strickler announced that Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water District’s new plant officially went online May 24.  He suggested that with Alderman Tom Morgret’s agreement, Wriedt take  over as voting alternate at Clarence Cannon. 
Prior to adjournment, Alderman Donnie Davis suggested that allowances within the employee vacation schedule be made for those who have fifteen more years of service to the City of Edina. Council members discussed the proposal and voted to grant three weeks vacation to anyone with over fifteen years of service and four weeks vacation to anyone with over twenty-five years of service.