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Special Meeting Cancelled Due to Lack of Council Quorum

By Crystal Howerton

Due to a lack of council quorum, the special meeting of the Hurdland Board of Alderman slated for Wednesday evening, June 13, 2007 did not occur.
The meeting was scheduled following the resignations of West Ward Alderman Kenneth Baker and City Clerk Linda Baker at the regular meeting of June 5.  The resignations were a result of a property use dispute debated at the June 5 meeting.  According to Mayor Diekmann, the Bakers’ have been contacted numerous times to offer them the opportunity to return to their positions, but the Bakers’ have not budged from their original decision.  Mayor Ernest Diekmann intends to fill the two vacant positions at the next regular meeting scheduled for July 10.
Mayor Diekmann had also considered the possibility of his own resignation, but has since changed his mind.  "Hurdland residents have been very supportive (of me) and expressed their desire to see me continue in office," he explained.  "I don’t want to let them down."