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KCR-1 Board Adopts Resolution on Series 1998A Lease Certificates; Approves Resolution for the $900,000 General Obligation Bond

By Crystal Howerton
(from minutes)

The Knox County Board of Education adopted the resolution authorizing for redemption of the Series 1998A Lease Certificate of Participation and approved a resolution for the $900,000 General Obligation Bond during the regular meeting of Tuesday evening, June 19.
Superintendent Terry Robertson presented the information on the matter of authorizing the redemption of $635,000 principal amount of the district’s outstanding Lease Certificates of Participation Series 1998A for the Board’s consideration.  The resolution was adopted authorizing the redemption of $635,000 principal amount of Lease Certificates of Participation, Series 1998A and authorizing the publication of notice of redemption.
Tom Pisarkiewicy, CPA and Vice-President of L.J. Hart & Co., and Gina Sharamitaro, representative of L.J. Hart & Co. presented the Board of Education documents for the sale of $900,000 General Obligation Bonds as approved by the voters at the April 3, 2007 election for the purpose of providing for roof repair and replacement at the high school and for the prepayment of the Series 1998A capital facilities lease financing.
The Board approved a resolution authorizing and directing the issuance and delivery of $900,000 General Obligation Bonds, Series 2007 (Missouri Direct Deposit Program), of the Knox County R-1 School District, Missouri, for the purpose of providing funds to complete roof repair and replacement at the high school; for the prepayment of the Series 1998A Capital Facilities Lease Financing; to complete other remodeling and repair improvements to the existing facilities of the district and to pay the cost of issuance thereof; prescribing the form of paying the principal of and interest on said bonds as they become due; authorizing the district to participate in a direct deposit program administered by the health and educational facilities authority of the state of Missouri to support payment of the bonds; and fixing the time when this resolution shall become effective.
In regular business, the Board accepted submitted reports from the administrators, as well as the End-of-the-Year PDC report presented by Professional Development Committee Chairperson Joyce Delaney and the Program and Services Evaluation reports for Title 1 – Preschool, A+ Schools Program, Curriculum, Professional Development, Library Media Centers, and Transportation as presented.
Supt. Robertson stated that he had met with the foreman on the roof project and the roof project is 30% completed.  He said the weather has been somewhat of a disappointment, hindering progress.  Board President Joe Delaney inquired if the project would still be completed before school resumes.  "Certainly," replied Supt. Robertson, "it is likely to be completed before August 1."
Supt. Robertson brought before the Board a list of infrastructure issues that are of some concern including: the area of the central office where the exterior wall is solid but the interior wall are not, a substantial leak near the elementary office, elementary doors, electrical wiring in the press
See SCHOOL, Page 12
box located near the football field, kitchen repairs to remove concrete that was used as platforms for appliances in the past and the field house, which needs some attention to plumbing.
School Nurse Kathy Palmer, RN presented the end-of-year School Health Services Data Report for the 2006-07 school year.   She noted that two AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) have been installed in the elementary and high school since last year.  Palmer also stated a need for a policy addressing individual’s with extreme food allergies.  The School Health Services End-of-the-Year Data report was accepted as presented.
Palmer informed the Board that the Knox County R-1 School District has been one of three schools in Northeast Missouri selected along with Kirksville and Novinger to participate in a Healthy School’s Program (HSP) through 2010.  The HSP will help support the district’s Wellness Policy and the goals of the Wellness Committee.  Although, no funds will be provided through the HSP, the district will receive hands-on support from a relationship manager to help develop healthier school environments.  A kick-off meeting is scheduled for August 14, 2007 in the high school cafeteria for the community to learn more about the Healthy School’s Program.
Frances Jones was announced as the May Outstanding Educator of the Month by CTA representative Martha Gudehus. Gudehus read a biography supporting the recognition.
The Board approved the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) for the 2007-08 school year and curriculum guides for K-12 Science, Business Education and Personal Finance presented by Curriculum Coordinator Marilyn Waite. 
Incoming Elementary Principal Marty Strange reported information on the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant.  She stated that although the district is not eligible at this time, she was submitting the information for future reference and consideration.  Strange expressed a need for the district to provide constructive learning activities to school age children during non-school hours.
Final approval of the bus routes and the high school handbooks was granted and the Special Education Local Compliance Plan regarding implementation of IDEA for the state fiscal year 2008 was adopted by the Board.
Prior to adjournment, the Board voted to schedule an open meeting to approve the 2007-08 budget for Thursday, June 28.  The meeting will be held at 11:45 in the Board Room.