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DHSS Revokes License at Crosspointe Residential Care

By Crystal Howerton

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) has revoked the license operating Crosspointe Residential Care in Edina, a long-term care facility providing residential care to individuals with mental illness.
According to Shelly Williamson, DHSS Operations Manager for long-term care regulations, a letter of revocation was mailed to Crosspointe administration on May 31, 2007.   Effective July 13, 2007, the revoked license was a result of a non-compliance of regulations.  "A lengthy deficiency statement encompassed general areas of fire safety, environmental issues and protective oversight," informed Williamson.
The decision was appealed by Crosspointe administration.  "The deficiencies that we were cited for have been or are being taken care of," stated Crosspointe owner Dewayne Wellborn.  "We are now in compliance with fire safety regulations, having replaced old wiring and made other improvements to the physical plant.  As for protective oversight, there were some concerns about the ability to provide patient care to certain individuals, which we are in the process of rectifying, as well."
An appeal hearing was held in Jefferson City on June 27, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. in which Crosspointe was represented by attorney, Michael Smith of Jefferson City, owner Dewayne Wellborn and Administrator Carleen Smith.  Both parties agreed to a stay and are currently working out the stipulations of the agreement. "Action is being withheld pending a formal hearing," said Williamson. DHSS Manager of Licensing and Certification Tracy Niekamp added, "Although the license has been revoked, the facility will remain in operation until the case is heard by the Administrative Hearing Commission sometime in November."
Crosspointe Residential Care is currently home to 41 residents.  If the facility is directed to cease operation, Wellborn said that the family members or guardians of residents would be responsible for seeking other placements.  "Of course, we will assist them in any way we can," added Wellborn.  "Our basic concern is always for the patient’s care."