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Group Seeks Edina City Council Support For Community Center

By Carol Kincaid

   Members of the Edina City Council were occupied with customary reports, permits, and applications during their July 9 regular monthly meeting.

   The Collector’s report, minutes of the previous meeting and City Treasurer’s report were all read and approved.

   A trio of concerned citizens and businesspeople, Chamber President Gary Parrish, Lindsay Bailey, and local Helena representative Penny Pitford, spoke to the Council about the need for a community building, requesting Council support to get such a project started. 

   Mayor Davey Strickler, Jr. said that perhaps the Knox County Community Development Corp. could be of assistance to the group as far as applications for grants and other means of obtaining funding.

   Annette Sweet, AmerenUE Customer Service Advisor stopped by to advise the City Council members about activities involving AmerenUE.  She reported that the company had a rate increase of about two to three percent that took effect in June.  She also said that the company has recently assigned a two-man crew here in Edina, in addition to Jerry Reeves.

  Sweet mentioned that the “pay station” in Edina is now moved from the BP station to Debbie Edwards’ Shelter Insurance Office.

   A building permit to construct an add-on was unanimously approved for Mike and Bonnie Kite on Marion St.

   The Aldermen also all approved a Picnic License to sell five- percent beer at the beer garden during the Knox County Corn Festival.

   Reports were presented by Wastewater Supt. Brad Eitel and Supt. of Utilities Mike Wriedt.

   Supt. Eitel reported that the wastewater facility is performing very well.  It treated approximately 53 percent of its design flow on an average daily basis for the month of June.  He said the facility is designed for a population of 2200, and the actual “population equivalent for June was 795”.

   As for the “treated water quality”, Supt. Eitel reported that the plant’s removal efficiency is at 95.9 percent of Nutrients, 98.5 percent of Pollutants, and well below the limit on Ammonia.

   Other activities included the annual calibration of the flow meters and hauling ten loads of sludge.

   Supt. Eitel invited members of the Council to attend the “official” startup for the UV disinfection on Thursday, July 12.   He remarked that this is the first such treatment operation in northeast Missouri.  He said he thought the closest is in Troy.

   Supt. Wriedt said his crew has been mainly working on maintenance, mowing, weed-eating and spraying.  He said he is waiting on culverts before he can do repairs on W. Clay.  Supt. Wriedt noted that the bridge at the lake is now complete, and after discussion, he said he would probably add some grader blades to retain the gravel.

   He reported there were no real problems, but that they would be checking water levels in the tower, as there are some unusual levels being experienced.   He also noted that the crews will be trimming trees to make the road signs clearer, and that after the 4H/FFA Fair they will begin painting stripes for the parking places downtown.

   Under the category of “Aldermen Comments” it was noted that people have been complaining about the number of stray cats.  It was also mentioned that the concrete on the handicapped access to the Nutrition Site is “flaking”.

   With no other business, the members voted to adjourn.  The Edina City Council holds their regular monthly meeting on the second Monday of the month.