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Food Service Director Presents Milk, Bread, Laundry and Bus Maintenance Bids for Board’s Acceptance

By Crystal Howerton

 As students’ first day of school commences in just over a month, preparations are in full swing for the upcoming day.  On Tuesday evening, July 17, the Knox County R-1 Board of Education met to discuss and accept bids for milk, bread, laundry services and bus maintenance, policies and regulations were adopted and updates to the elementary handbook were approved.
Food Service Director Kay Stice presented bids for milk, bread and laundry services. According to Stice, the price of laundry services has increased 3 cents and there has been a 5 cent increase in milk prices, but the price of bread has stayed "pretty much the same" since last year.  The Board accepted the bid for laundry services from Sun Brite, as it was the only bid submitted.  Stice commented that they have always received good service from Sun Brite and she had no complaints.  Prairie Farms and Anderson Erickson submitted milk bids.  Stice recommended that the Board accept the lower bid received from Prairie Farms, last year’s supplier.  She proposed the Board also accept the low bid for bread received from Interstate, as they provided good service last year. 
In the absence of Bus Mechanic Phil Gragg, Superintendent D.J. Leverton reviewed bus maintenance bids with the Board and relayed Gragg’s recommendations.  The majority of the recommendations were for the low bids submitted by MFA and Edina Farm and Home, with the occasional preference for a particular brand or product.  The Board accepted the bids, as recommended. 
Building Level Improvement Plans for the 2007-08 school year were approved as presented, as well as revisions to the following policies and regulations: Policy and Regulation 0342 – Organization, Philosophy and Goals – School Board Organization, Policy 1430 – General Administration – School Community Relations, Policy 2525
– Students – Student Academic Achievement, Policy 6190 – Students – Student Academic Achievement, Policy 6530 – General Administration – Office Methods and Data Management.  Regulation 1430 was deleted with the Board’s approval, as the language had been added to Policy 1430.
The updates to the elementary handbook with minor changes presented by Elementary Principal Marty Strange were accepted as presented, as well as the Programs and Services Evaluation Reports – Special Education, Homeless, Migrant and (ELL) English Language Learners.  The Federal Programs End of Year Report including Title II A, Title II D, and Title II were approved.
Prin. Strange reported on the success of Summer School commenting that everyone had a great time.  Attendance was up from last year with 133 students enrolled.  "The middle school and high school students all recovered their credit," added Strange.  She also mentioned the SPARK students acting as leaders in the outdoor classroom and stated that it was a great learning experience for everyone involved. 
 Maintenance and Activities Director Steve Ramer reported on facilities and maintenance updates to the elementary roof, fencing, press box, carpets and kitchen.  Supt. Leverton also mentioned that he had spoken with Chuck McKenna, The Young Group – Columbia Roofing Division, on the status of the high school roof project.  McKenna stated that hopefully the project would be completed prior to the 10th of August, weather permitting. 
All votes for the evening were 6-0, as Board Member Chris Harrison was unable to attend the meeting.