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City Council Reviews Proposed Ordinances; Discusses Sanitation Rates Increase


 By Crystal Howerton


   “We are down $6,800 in sanitation so far this year,” said Edina Mayor Davey Strickler. 

   City Treasurer Peggy Collinge was absent for the August meeting, however she expressed concern prior to the meeting regarding current sanitation rates, which Mayor Strickler relayed during the meeting.

   According to Collinge, it has been several years since the last rate increase, which was in January 2003. City Clerk Margaret Gibson said that rates were increased from $8.10 to $10.15 for residential customers and from $13.30 to $17.50 for businesses.  Collinge has recommended reviewing these rates for a possible sanitation rate increase.

   Members of the Knox County Chamber of Commerce addressed the board again this month regarding the status of a community building.  Lindsay Bailey informed City Council that she had taken the Mayor’s advice and contacted the Knox County Community Development Corporation for assistance and the KCCDC has agreed to let the group use their tax ID.

   The group toured the community building at Madison, Missouri recently and were very impressed with the facility.  Bailey said the group learned what to beware of when it came to certain grants, specifically ones that required the employment of an architect and other stipulations that would make a facility more costly.  They are currently looking into getting assistance from NAP (Neighborhood Assistance Program), which Bailey stated were not overly stipulated.  She also mentioned assistance from the Missouri Foundation for Health, stating that Knox County has a sizeable amount of funds available and not many groups are taking advantage at this time.  The group feels that health and fitness equipment should be incorporated into the facility and some in the community have expressed the desire to include a gymnasium. 

   Bailey further announced that a town hall meeting was being held that same evening at the 4-H Pavilion to further discuss the community building.  The group feels that the next step is to form a committee and commence with regular meetings.

   Chairman of the Knox County Cornfest committee Kisha Goodwin came before the Council to request funds to assist the Knox County Cornfest this fall, as they have in the past.  Council agreed to give the KCPC a generous donation of $1000 to support the Knox County Cornfest. 

   Applications for building permits for Steve Peters, Edith A. (Annie) Fisher and Eric and Crystal Klocke were discussed and approved.

   Council members heard reports from Department heads Brad Eitel, Mike Wriedt and Roger Waibel.  Wasterwater Superintendent Brad Eitel informed members that the ammonia levels were 2.45 mg/l in July.  The proposed limit effective August 2007 is 1.4 mg/l.  “The reason for the high ammonia readings is the detention time was too long in the final clarifier,” explained Eitel, “due to hot, dry conditions causing low flow.” 

   Eitel reported that the UV Disinfection system is up and running.  “I have not sent any water samples yet to see how well it is doing, however, I have noticed a reduction in BOD, but not in ammonia.”

   Supt. of Utilities Mike Wriedt said that they have performed more meter changeouts and would need to purchase additional meters soon.  Members discussed it and agreed to order fifty new meters.  It was also the consensus of Council to purchase a ditching bucket attachment for the backhoe per Wriedt’s request.

  Police Chief Roger Waibel announced that the proposed animal control ordinance and permits for mules, gators, etc. were completed and ready for the Council’s review.  A lengthy discussion was held in which members made changes to the proposed ordinances and discussed raising fines for certain violations.  A special meeting was scheduled for August 27 to adopt the revised ordinances.

   Council members adopted the ordinance approving a Second Amendment to the Master Water Supply Contract with Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission, which would allow existing customers to increase their contract before adjourning.