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Expenditures Considered by Edina Council

By Carol Kincaid
The Board of Aldermen for the City of Edina held their regular monthly meeting on September 10, 2007 at City Hall.  One Alderman, Albert Hagerla was absent.
While much of the meeting was routine, Treasurer Peggy Collinge, Wastewater Superintendent Brad Eitel, and Superintendent of Utilities Mike Wriedt brought up expenditures that either need to be budgeted for or need to be considered at this time.
Collinge asked for direction as to which fund the Council wished to put the expected fees from the ATV’s and other four-wheeled vehicles (per ordinance 660 and 661).  It was a consensus of those present that any fees collected should be deposited into the General Fund.
She also reported that the Council will soon have to raise the sanitation fund fees to keep that fund in the black.  The Aldermen requested she "run the figures for the next meeting".
Eitel gave a good report on the function of the wastewater plant, stating the "Facility is required to meet a removal efficiency of 85 percent or more, for both nutrients and pollutants."  The plant removes 97.8 percent of Nutrients and 97.9 percent of Pollutants, with a 0.77 mg/l (N) of Ammonia.  The proposed limit effective, August 2007 is 1.4 mg/l (N).
He also reported that he has hauled eight loads of sludge from the middle tank.  He also brought the Council a couple of bids from The Farm Shop on mowers.  He told the Board that if he had one of them his mowing time could be cut down, and the present mower could go to the Streets and Utilities crew, whose mower is about to quit.  No action was taken on this request at that time.
Eitel spoke about a meeting with Mark Bross from Klingner and Associates, about replacing the grit removal system.  He suggested the city upgrade to a ROTAMAT Micro Strainer.  The estimated cost to remove the old grit removal structure and install the new unit will be $130,000.00.  Eitel suggested it be budgeted for sometime in the next five years.
Lastly he discussed the moving of the fences around the sewer plant, saying he could probably get it done next spring.
Supt. Wriedt spoke some about the condition of the existing mower being used by the city crew, saying he hoped it would last until next spring.  It was brought up that the prices quoted would probably not be good for long.
Wriedt reported on a firm that could work on the upgrades for the lift stations connected to the city sewer system.  Many of the lift stations are several years old and badly need replacement.  Wriedt suggested the repairs begin with the one in the southeast part of the city at a cost of approximately $5,600.  Council members agreed.
The President of the Knox County Area Chamber of Commerce Gary Parish reported on the project to find funding for a Community Building.  He said that the group he represents had been told they need to become a sub-committee to an organization such as the Knox County Community Development Corporation to be eligible to write a grant for a Community Building.
Mayor Davey Strickler commented on "what a good job KCPC President Kisha Goodwin and staff  did " during this year’s Corn Fest.
Leon Blake and his son attended the meeting to speak with Police Chief Roger Waibel in the presence of the Council members.  Chief Waibel was not present, but the Council members convinced Blake to speak with them in his absence.
Blake said that on Friday (September 7, 2007) his vehicle was struck (hit-and-run) while parked on a city street by another resident of the City.  Witnesses reported the accident to him and he contacted Chief Waibel that day.  The latter told Blake he was busy assisting with preparations for Cornfest, and according to Blake, said that he would have the report on Monday.
Blake said he contacted Waibel on Monday to request the report for insurance purposes, and was told it would be later in the week before he could have the report.  He complained that during this conversation the Chief did not speak with the courtesy he felt a City Official should observe.  No action was taken on the complaint at this time.
The meeting was then adjourned.