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Local Companies Assist Animal Evacuations In San Diego Co. Fire Disaster

By Carol Kincaid
& Jason Kincaid
Many among us have watched in horror as the ravaging fires of San Diego County consumed one home after another, and acres and acres of farms and communities alike. It is hard to be so far away and not be able to help the victims of Mother Nature’s onslaught.
Two companies here in Knox County were able to be of assistance.  Four Winds Logistics, LLC and Head Trucking, both of Novelty, worked to aid San Diego County, Emergency Animal Disaster Services, and Noah’s Wish, dispatching vehicles to assist in the evacuation of some of the animals in danger.  The latter two animal welfare organizations are both not-for-profit.
They dispatched eight refrigerated trailers (reefers), two flatbed semi- trailers, five commercial horse transporters, one commercial livestock trailer (bull-rack), and multiple small livestock trailers (local volunteers with livestock trailers).
The reefers were on standby to be used  for the small animals (dogs, cats, etc.) who were, according to plans, scheduled to be placed in cages stacked two high and maintained at a temperature of 75 degrees with one door left ajar to allow for proper air circulation.  The reefers were also used for storing ice.  The ice was used as an additional way to keep any confined animals cool.  It was placed in baggies inside the cages and also placed in their water to keep their water cool.
Once Four Winds and EADS presence was known in San Diego, the company was contacted by Noah’s Wish to help in the acquisition of much needed supplies like corral panels and feed.  They arranged for the donation (Carter’s Hay and Grain of Lakeside, CA) and transportation of these supplies.
Four Winds was contracted to work with EADS several months ago, to act as their transportation broker and mid-western field headquarters.  It is set up so that they can go into action at a moment’s notice in case of a national disaster. Routine daily assignments are put on hold during these emergencies.
One of the owners of Four Winds, Joe Raymann, is currently still on site in the San Diego area assisting in coordination of animal welfare efforts.
The San Diego fires were the third time they have been on "alert" status, but the first time they were actually put to use.
Both businesses are owned by  Raymann, who lives in Shelbyville and Larry Head of Novelty.