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New Trash Rates For City of Edina

By Carol Kincaid
From Minutes
The Edina Board of Aldermen met in special session on Monday, October 22, 2007 at City Hall.  All were present except Alderman Craig Miller.
The two main topics of business were two new ordinances, one concerning a settlement over a dispute with Verizon Wireless, and the other to set new trash rates.
Ordinance 663 was approved unanimously by those present, and resolved the matter of Verizon’s unpaid business license taxes.
The second ordinance, of perhaps more interest to residents of Edina, involves an increase in trash removal fees.  For many years the costs of trash removal have been increasing, land fill charges, fuel costs, and labor have all gone up.  In order to maintain the same level of service, yet keep the sanitation fund in the black, the City found it necessary to discuss and then unanimously vote to increase current fees.
Ordinance 664 establishes the (minimum) rate of $13.25 per month for residential customers, and $22.00 per month minimum for commercial customers.  The process of utilizing the trash bag stickers is still in effect, though the cost of the extra stickers will go up to $2.00 each.  Customers will still receive eight stickers with proof of payment.The new rates will begin on November 1, 2007.
In one final item, Police Chief Roger Waibel reported that Jim Linville, a certified building inspector, has completed more inspections at the City’s request.
Property owners have been, or soon will be notified and required to commence demolition or make the necessary improvements within 30 days or face fines, as per Ordinance 548.