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United State Bank Announces New Vice President of Lending in Edina

The Board of Directors of United State Bank with offices in Edina, Ewing and Lewistown announced today the naming of a new Vice President of lending for their Edina office of James Paul Sappington of Queen City, Missouri.
The President of the bank, Donald K. Gnuse stated, "Jim bring to our bank a wealth of bank agriculture lending experience having served a northeast Missouri bank, as their President and chief lending officer for the past ten years.  United State Bank is a major agriculture bank lender in both Knox and Lewis Counties and Jim will assume the leadership position in our agriculture lending portfolio."
Mr. Sappington and his family are the owners and operators of a small diversified farming operation of livestock and crop farming.  He has also been active in community activities including Schuyler County Extension Council, the Adair/Schuyler Farm Bureau and the Scotland County Rotary Club.  Jim began his banking duties on October 15.