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Life Skills Students Design Disaster Backpacks

   KCHS Life skills students have successfully completed the "Disaster Backpack" project which they started early in the fall.  Life skills students have put together emergency packs for all classrooms at Knox County High School, Middle School, and Elementary School.  Each backpack contains a bottle of water; crackers (both peanut butter and non peanut butter); a flashlight & batteries; class enrollment lists; absentee slips; an ice pack; various sized band-aids, and assorted other first aid items.
   High school principal Andy Turgeon noted that these backpacks are a good way to have emergency materials in one place, should they be needed by a classroom teacher. Marty Strange, elementary principal, agreed that the backpacks would be useful in case of emergency, especially if the nurses are unavailable to assist everyone at once.
 All teachers have the backpacks available in case of fire, tornado, earthquake, or other emergency.
  Emergency backpacks are clear plastic so that they are not confused with a student’s backpack.   They were delivered to each classroom during the life skills class.