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Fast Action Averts Colony House Fire

When the wind caught hold of a small open burning fire at the Colony home of Kathy Hudson on Saturday afternoon, November 17, she didn’t immediately realize how much of a problem she was facing.  While calling for assistance from neighbor, Elza Hustead, who brought along R.D. Pape, didn’t save the outbuilding which had already caught fire, the quick thinking on the part of the neighbors surely saved her house. 
R.D. Pape took responsibility for hosing down the side of the Hudson home exposed to the burning outbuilding while Elza Hustead took charge of hosing down R.D. to keep him cool enough to keep working in the heat.  Unfortunately, the vinyl siding of the home was melted but a more serious fire was averted.  Fortunately, neither Pape nor Hustead was injured in the event. 
Both the LaBelle and Knox City Fire Department responded to the fire.