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4-H Program Recognizes Outstanding Accomplishments

Edina, MO – Recognition is essential to 4-H Youth Development programs.  It motivates young people and gives them opportunities for self appraisal.  Recognition encourages and supports learning in cooperative groups, individually and through peer competition.  In all its forms, recognition provides balance as youth move through our educational programs. 
The 2007 Knox County 4-H Recognition event was held on November 3, 2007.  This event was attended by Ninety-eight individuals.
The following includes information regarding specific criteria for the awards presented, the sponsors and the recipients of each award.
Member Completion Awards
Member Completion Awards:  Pins are presented to: 1st – 7th year members who have met the requirements for completion set forth by the Knox County 4-H Council. Final Year Pins are presented to members who have been enrolled for 8-11 years and have met the requirements for completion set forth by the Knox County 4-H Council will not be continuing their membership in the Missouri 4-H Youth Development programs.  The following are members by  who have successfully completed the 2006/2007 4-H program year categorized by club name and number of year completed:
First Year Members
Jacob Bryant
Hannah Dunn
Tanner Ellison
Karissa Hamlin
Drew Hodge
Megan Poston
Lacy Watts
Second Year Members
Storm Bugh
Jared Carlson
Third Year Members
Jordan Dunn
Alexandrea Hamlin
Brett Harsell
Riley Poston
Fourth Year Members
Andrew Hunolt
Rachel Poston
Sixth Year Members
Kelsey Bryant
Brady Bugh
Seventh Year Members
Brady James
Myra Parrish
Eighth Year Members
Megan Hunolt
Becca Mallett

First Year Members
Caitlee Hall
Mackenzie Hustead
Tyler Mallett
Zach Mallett
Garyn Miller
Jaclyn Scott
Second Year Members
Abby Hall
Taylor Huffman
Third Year Members
Lauren Dale
Shania Ewalt
Ryan Strange
Fourth Year Members
Chelsea Bisch
Holly Dye
Justin Scott
Fifth Year Member
Devin Gudehus
Hannah Strange
Olivia Strange
Sixth Year Member
Hannah Dale
Ninth Year Members
Brandon Gudehus
Jordin Luthenauer
Tenth Year Members
Emily See
Andrew Hustead

First Year Members
Dan England
Rebecca Sparks
Second Year Members
Nat Harder
Alex Howerton
Gracie Hunziker
Third Year Member
Tom England
Fourth Year Member
Katelyn Stauffer
Sixth Year Member
Jon Harder
Seventh Year Members
Suzanne Howerton
Joseph Rice
Eighth Year Members
Travis Hamlin
Daniel Parrish
Ninth Year Members 
Hayden Hunziker
Annie Rice

First Year Members
Phillip B. of Heartland
Ryan C. of Heartland
Dakota C. of Heartland
Zachary C. of Heartland
Reed C. of Heartland
Dalton D. of Heartland
Danya D. of Heartland
Derrick D. of Heartland
Brittany D. of Heartland
Dustin H. of Heartland
Shoulmith I. of Heartland
Luke L. of Heartland
Laura M. of Heartland
Jenna O. of Heartland
Raymond R. of Heartland
Alex S. of Heartland
Michael T. of Heartland
Second Year Members
Christopher Dn. of Heartland
Caleb M. of Heartland
Shama N. of Heartland
Melissa R. of Heartland
Third Year Members
Conner C. of Heartland
Tyrin F.  of Heartland
Ross K. of Heartland
Robbie P. of Heartland
Sean S. of Heartland
Wendy V. of Heartland
Fourth Year Members
Aaron B. of Heartland
Christopher D. of Heartland
Fifth Year Members
McKayla M. of Heartland
James D. of Heartland
Sixth Year Members
Daniel B. of Heartland
Caleb B. of Heartland
Ben B. of Heartland
Lance P. of Heartland
Anthony S. of Heartland
Dion S. of Heartland
Maiah S. of Heartland

First Year Members
Alex Frasier
Bradley Hamlin
Josh Hamlin
Hannah Mason

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Second Year Members
Cailey Barnhill
Caleb Hunziker
Hollianne Jackson
Shelby Oldfather
Michael Simmons

Third Year Members
Dana Hamlin
Alex McCauley
Sam Minear
Brenna Schrage
Chance Tungate
Jeffery Wever
Matthew Wever
Monica Wever

Fourth Year Members
Kelly Bruns
Bryce Cardwell
Logan Garrett
Brandon Holman
McKaiya Miller
Justin Rudd

Fifth Year Members
Jared Barnard
Bailey Hunziker
Gabe McCauley
Brittney Miller
Nathan Miller
Will Minear
Matthew Simmons

Sixth Year Members
Evan Cardwell
Dakotta Hagar
Leighton McCabe
Jessen Miller

Eighth Year Member
Jared Niemeyer

Eighth & Final Year Member
Bridgett Barnard


4-H Clover Kids  II

Michael Carlson
Emily Hamlin
Zane Hubble
Kaylin Jones
Hayden Miller
Jaron Poor
Tristan Poor
Isaiah Prebe
Will Rice
Olexus Strange
Chelsea Zahn

4-H Clover Kids III
Forest Cleveland
Lindsey Hubble
Adaline Hunziker
Madison McCabe
Grace McCauley
Amber Morgret

4-H Leader Clover Awards
Leader Clover Awards are presented to volunteer leaders with 1-5-10-15-20, etc. years of service. The following adult volunteers were recognized for their service during the 2006/2007 4-H program year. Recipients are categorized by club name and years of service.


First Year Leaders
Chris Gonnerman
Carla Hustead

Second Year Leader
Teddy Amons

Third Year Leaders
Tammy Dye
Joyce Norton

Fourth Year Leader
Roger Scott

Fifth Year Leaders
Curtis Hustead
Amy Mallett
Mike Morford
Kelly Strange

Sixth Year Leader
Beth Strange

Seventh Year Leader
Keli Luthenauer

Eighth Year Leaders
Martha Gudehus
Twilla See

Eleventh Year Leaders
Cynthia Baker
Gale Hustead

Twelfth Year Leaders
Heather Hubble
Allan See

Twenty-first Year Leader
Brenda Gooch

Twenty-ninth Year Leader
Pat Shultz


First Year Leader 
Melissa Rice

Third Year Leader 
Anaise England 
Julie Gibbons
Ann-Marie Stauffer

Sixth Year Leaders
Theresa Hamlin
Kathi Harder
Glenn Parrish  

Seventh Year Leaders
Stacy Harder
Mike Hamlin
Clayton Rice

Fifteenth Year Leader
Marilyn Hunziker

Twentieth Year Leader
Norma Howerton




First Year Leader 
Jennifer Bryant

Second Year Leader 
Cathy Kull
Fourth Year Leaders 
Shelly Bugh
Amy Watts

Fifth Year Leader
Tonya Hamlin

Sixth Year Leader
Mark Hunolt

Eighth Year Leader
Sherry Lingenfelter

Ninth Year Leaders
Angela Hunolt
Bridgett Nunan

Thirteenth Year Leader
Leon James

Fourteenth Year Leader
Mike Ellison

Seventeenth Year Leader
Anita James

Eighteenth Year Leader
Tammy Mallett

Nineteenth Year Leaders
Pam Witherow
Richard Witherow

Thirty-first Year Leaders
Bill Dobbs
Shirley Dobbs


First Year Leaders
Carol Cornwell
Rebecca Flood
Robert Lay   

Second Year Leader
Lenna Bowen
Terry Bowen
David Moss

Fourth Year Leaders
Lydia Norris

Fifth Year Leaders
Jerry Moffit

Sixth Year Leader 
Daniel Bock
Deborah Bock
Don Bock
Elisa Bock
Stephanie Moss


First Year Leaders
Lisa Givens
LeaAnn Hamlin

Second Year Leaders 
JoEllen Jackson
Jamie McCabe

Third Year Leaders 
Tracy Hamlin
Barbara Hunziker
Margaret Mackey
Angie Miller
Clint Miller
Sherry Miller
Vicky Miller
Kathy Wever

Fifth Year Leaders
Joe Barnard
Les Cardwell
Julianna Hagerla
Leann McCabe
Tim McCauley  

Sixth Year Leaders 
Kim Barnard
Melissa McCauley

Seventh Year Leaders
Kim Cardwell
Kathy Wiseman

Tenth Year Leaders
Brenda Niemeyer
Dan Niemeyer

Twelfth Year Leader
Karla Oberdahlhoff

Eighteenth Year Leader
Karen Hall

Ann-Marie Stauffer- 1st Year

First Year 4-H Clover Kids Leader
Melissa Rice

Second Year 4-H Clover Kids Leader
Heather Hubble

Fifth Year 4-H  Clover Kids Leader
Amy Mallett

Sixth Year 4-H Clover Kids Leader
Kathi Harder

4-H Clover Kids Teen Helpers
Jon Harder
Annie Rice
Joseph Rice
Katelyn Stauffer

Missouri 4-H Recognition Awards Level I (ages 8-11)
Project medals are awarded to members submitting superior reports in specific project areas.  Certificates are awarded to members submitting high quality reports.

Alex Hamlin – Medal

Alex Hamlin – Medal
Karissa Hamlin – Medal

Ryan Strange – Medal

Alex Hamlin – Medal
Karissa Hamlin – Medal

Ryan Strange – Medal

Karissa Hamlin – Medal

Missouri 4-H Recognition Awards Level II (ages 12-13)
Bronze medals are awarded to members submitting superior reports. Certificates are awarded to members submitting high quality reports.

Jessen Miller – Bronze Medal

McKaiya Miller –  Bronze Medal

Hannah Strange – Bronze Medal

4-H Teen Application for Missouri Learning/Recognition Experience Awards Level III (ages 14-18)
4-H medals of Achievement are awarded to members submitting superior reports. This year’s recipients of the 4-H Gold Medal awards included:  Jordin Luthenauer – Medal, forwarded to regional competition, 
Rebecca "Becca" Mallett – Medal, forwarded to regional competition.

Motter Leader of the Year:  Sponsored by the family of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Motter
In 1959 Mrs. Joe (Flora) Motter established this award in memory of her husband Joe Motter.  Mr. Motter worked countless hours on behalf of the 4-H youth development program.  It is through this award that his memory lives on.  In 2001 Mrs. Flora Motter passed away.  The commitment to honor a Knox County 4-H volunteer continues through the efforts of Mr. & Mrs. Motter’s children and grandchildren. 
This years countywide Motter (outstanding) Leader of the year was awarded to Mrs. Kim Cardwell
Club recognized Motter Leader of the year recipients included:
Colony 4-H Motter Leader of the Year: Teddy Amons
County Liners 4-H Motter Leader of the Year: Anita James
Heartland 4-H Motter Leader of the Year: Jerry Moffit
Liberty Leaders 4-H Motter Leader of the Year:  Kim Cardwell
South Side Roadrunners 4-H Motter Leader of the Year:  Ann-Marie Stauffer

Friend of 4-H Award: Sponsored by Knox County 4-H Council
Each year 4-H Clubs are asked to nominate a business, individual, organization or couple who have helped to make the program year a success. The Friend of 4-H is the highest county honor bestowed upon our partners. 
The county wide Friend of 4-H recipient for 2006/2007 was awarded to Mrs. Dee Stauffer.
Club recognized Friend of 4-H recipients included:
Colony Friend of 4-H Award: Pioneer Rangers Saddle Club
County Liners Friend of 4-H Award: Dale Dent
Heartland Friend of 4-H Award: Larry & Lisa Henderson
Liberty Leaders Friend of 4-H Award: Edina Assembly of God Church
South Side Roadrunners Friend of 4-H Award: Dee Stauffer 


Genevieve G. Campbell Memorial Outstanding 4-H Member Savings Bond: Through the generous contributions o family and friends a saving bond was established to recognize an outstanding 4-H member from Knox County.  This award is sponsored in loving memory of  Mrs. Genevieve "G" Campbell a long time 4-H parent,  volunteer and partner.  Each year clubs are asked to nominate a member they consider outstanding.  Each nomination is then placed into a drawing and the countywide Outstanding Member is drawn.  This year’s countywide recipient was Dion S. of the Heartland 4-H Club.
Club recognized outstanding members are as follows: 
Emily See, Colony 4-H Clubs Outstanding Member
Brady James, County Liners 4-H Clubs Outstanding Member
Annie Rice, South Side Roadrunners 4-H Clubs Outstanding Member
Bridgett Barnard, Liberty Leaders 4-H Clubs Outstanding Member
Dion S. of Heartland, Heartland 4-H Clubs Outstanding Member

Missouri State Sports Fishing Teams:  Sponsored by Missouri   4-H Center for Positive Youth Development
The Missouri State 4-H Sports Fishing project takes both youth and adults on a journey that includes the old time favorites of developing angling skills and creating fishing tackle, to aquatic education and the dynamics of people and fish. The program is designed to develop life skills while providing information and motivation to youth and adults interested in the sport of fishing and aquatic resource stewardship.
2007 Sports Fishing Teams:                          

COACH:  Mike Morford 
Travis Hamlin
Andrew Hunolt
Jessen Miller
Leighton McCabe
Cameron Morford
Daniel Parrish

COACH:   Clayton Rice
ASSISTANT COACH: Ann-Marie Stauffer
Alex Frazier
Dakotta Hagar
Garyn Miller
Olivia Strange
Katelyn Stauffer
Joseph Rice
Annie Rice

COACH:  Stacy Harder
Brandon Schrage
Jon Harder
Nat Harder
Will Minear
Sam Minear
Matthew Simmons
Michael Simmons

Missouri State Shooting Sports Patches and State Competition Ribbons:  The 4-H Shooting Sports program teaches positive youth development.  The shooting sports program helps young people develop self confidence, personal discipline, responsibility, teamwork, self-esteem and good sportsmanship. The discipline and self-control required for responsible firearm use carries over into many other aspects of our lives.  This years recipient in the .22 Rifle-Target (4 position) discipline was awarded to Gabe McCauley.  This was Gabe’s 4th year to participate in the State    4-H Shooting Sports competition.  Not only did Gabe receive a ribbon in the Junior Division (11 to 13 years of age) he placed 7th in the Statewide .22 Rifle competition.

Club Seals:  Sponsored by Knox County 4-H Council
Each club is eligible to participate in the Club Seal system of recognition.  The clubs secretary’s book is judged according to standards set by the Missouri 4-H Center for Youth Development.  The Gold Seal is the highest seal awarded followed by the Silver and Bronze seals.  Seals were awarded to the following 4-H clubs:
Colony 4-H Club:  Gold Seal – Olivia Strange, Secretary
County Liners 4-H Club:  Silver Seal – Rachel Poston, Secretary
Heartland 4-H Club: Bronze Seal – Wendy of Heartland, Secretary
Liberty Leaders 4-H Club: Bronze Seal – Dakotta Hager, Secretary
South Side Roadrunners 4-H Club:  Bronze Seal – Jon Harder, Secretary

Club Treasurer Awards:  Sponsored by Citizens Bank of Edina
4-H club treasurers submit a record of their clubs financial transactions.  Each of the 4-H Clubs treasurers’ books are evaluated for accuracy, completion and the final audit of their clubs records transactions for the previous program year.  The following club treasurers were recognized for submitting outstanding financial records:
County Liners 4-H Club – Myra Parrish, Treasurer
Colony 4-H Club – Devin Gudehus, Treasurer
Liberty Leaders 4-H Club – Bailey Hunziker, Treasurer
South Side Roadrunners 4-H Club – Katelyn Stauffer, Treasurer

Farm Bureau Outstanding Club Award:  Sponsored by Knox County Farm Bureau                                                                   Each year 4-H Clubs work hard to put together a photo history of their members and activities in the form of a scrapbook.  The scrapbooks are judged based on creativity, neatness, how much it tells us about the club’s activities, community service, events and members. The Farm Bureau Outstanding Club award was presented to the Colony 4-H Club. 

Farm Bureau Foods & Nutrition Award:  Sponsored by Knox County Farm Bureau
Knox County Farm Bureau annually presents a cookbook to a member who has submitted an outstanding report form in the Foods and Nutrition project.  This year’s winner was Alex Hamlin.  Alex is a member of the County Liners 4-H Club.

Youth Leader Pins:  Sponsored by Citizens Bank of Edina
Six Knox County 4-H members participated in the leadership project.  The Leadership project provides opportunities for youth to experience and gain leadership skills through interactive activities, real life experience, relationship building, communication, group process and problem solving.  The following individuals are the recipients of this year’s Youth Leader Pins:   
1st year:  Megan Hunolt, Brittney Miller, Emily See, 2nd year:  Andrew Hustead, 3rd year:  Daniel Ballard 

Membership Contest:  Sponsored by Citizens Bank of Edina
This award goes to the club with the most members re-enrolled in 2006/2007.  This year the Liberty Leaders 4-H Club received this honor with 34 re-enrolled members.

Attendance Award:  Sponsored by Citizens Bank of Edina
The attendance award is presented to the club with the highest percentage of members in attendance at the 2007 Knox County 4-H Recognition Event.  This year’s winning club with 46% of their membership in attendance was the South Side Roadrunners 4-H Club.

Community Service Awards:  Sponsored by the Missouri Center for 4-H Youth Development
4-H is a family affair. One way a family can spend 4-H time together is through community service projects. Service helps 4-H’ers learn more about communities and exercise good citizenship. Teaching youths to volunteer in this way is an important life skill.  It is helpful to the 4-H program to keep records of community service projects completed by 4-H members and clubs. Clubs submitting a community service log receives a seal. The seal color is dependent upon the percentage of club participation.  The Missouri Center for 4-H Youth Development sponsors the Community Service Awards.  Clubs receiving seals included: County Liners 4-H Club with a Gold Seal and the Liberty Leaders 4-H Club received a Silver Seal.

Northeast Missouri Coop Bond:  Sponsored by Northeast Missouri Coop Services
Each year Northeast Missouri Co-op sponsors a saving bond to be awarded to a member who had submitted an outstanding report form.  This year Jessen Miller of the Liberty Leaders 4-H Club was the recipient of this                prestigious award. 

Club With The Most New Members Award:  The Citizens Bank of Edina sponsors an award to the club who had recruited the most new members.  This year the honor goes to the Heartland 4-H Club with 17 new members joining the 4-H program.

Fashion Revue Medals:  Sponsored by Knox County 4-H Council
The recipients of the Fashion Revue medals are selected during the Knox County 4-H/FFA Fair.  Each participant is judged on the exhibitors poise, if the ensemble reflects his or her personality, the exhibitors ability to plan, select and acquire clothing for different occasions as well as the ability to select suitable and becoming accessories to wear with their garment.
Junior Division – Olivia Strange, State Delegate
Senior Division – Emily See, State Delegate

Table Setting Awards:  Sponsored by Knox County 4-H Council
The 4-H Table Setting event is conducted during the annual 4-H Achievement Day held in April.  Table Setting entries are evaluated for appropriate placement, proper appointments based on selected menu, creativity, and over all appearance.  Two members are selected annually for this honor.  This years recipients were Caleb Hunziker of the Liberty Leaders 4-H Club and Sam Minear also a member of the Liberty Leaders 4-H Club.

4-H Youth development programs are a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.  4-H is young people making new friend and memories while preparing to be leaders of today and tomorrow. 

For more information regarding 4-H Youth Development programs contact Karen Loyd-Minear at the Knox County University of Missouri Extension office or e-mail Karen at