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Knox County R-1 Board Holds December Meeting

By Crystal Howerton (from minutes)
The December meeting of the Knox County R-1 Board of Education was held on Tuesday evening, December 20, 2007 at 8:53 p.m., immediately following the Varsity basketball game.
After the approval of the agenda and minutes from previous meetings, the board members approved the authorization for payment of bills.  However, a check in the amount of $32,000 payable to The Young Group, LTD will be held until a final inspection can be made of the roof repairs in the next couple of weeks.
The Board received citizen’s communications from the family of Bill Woods and a thank you card from Esty Eyler.
Administrators’ reports were heard and accepted and MSIP Coordinator Marilyn Waite informed the Board that the District Report Card can be viewed online, as well as being made available to patrons upon request.   Federal Programs/Process Coordinator Nancy Goodwin gave the CTA report and said that no teachers were nominated for
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the December Educator of the Month.
Upon recommendation of Superintendent D.J. Leverton, the Board agreed to table the Central Office Project until a more thorough exploration of the budget takes place and they have an overall picture of the District’s finances.
High School Principal Andy Turgeon informed Board members that the FFA Coon Hunt will be held on January 12, 2007 and presented information and rules to that effect.  Following discussion, the Board requested additions to the rules, which include: Adult is a person 21 years of age or older; a group is not to exceed five people with at least one adult per group; all participants must have a signed parental form on file.
Board members approved a cooperative agreement with Brashear (Adair County R-II) for student participation in Junior High (7th and 8th grade) football at Knox County, at Supt. Leverton’s recommendation.  They will await a response from the Brashear’s Board of Education to that end.
Smokebusters Community Leader Cindy Gunter, and student members Lance McMahon, Katie Ausmus, and Megan Hunolt presented an update on Smokebusters.
A Programs and Services Evaluation Report on School Climate was given with Elementary and High School Principals Marty Strange and Andy Turgeon reporting on strengths and weaknesses identified in the report and making recommendations for the future.
Maintenance Director Steve Ramer presented an in-house mowing proposal including projected costs for the district and an equipment quote from The Farm Shop for the lease purchase of a zero turn mower.
Prior to adjournment, Supt. Leverton gave information on two hour delay start procedures, as well as, reporting that the two missed days due to snow would be made up on January 21 and May 19 in accordance with the Board approved school calendar.