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Numerous Derelict Structures in Edina to Be Demolished

By Crystal Howerton
By order of the Edina Board of Alderman, multiple properties within city limits are to be knocked down or repaired due to many years of neglect.
On January 14, a public hearing was scheduled prior to the regular meeting to discuss with property owners the current condition of their properties.  Property owners were given the opportunity to respond personally or by a party of their choice to provide testimony concerning why their structures should not be repaired or demolished in accordance with Ordinance No. 548.   City Building Inspector Jim Linville had recently inspected the structures in question and was present to provide evidence regarding the condition of these structures.
   Jack McCauley, owner of two dilapidated structures in Edina, reported that he had been in contact with someone to tear down the house on 101 E. Clay.  He also said that he would like to repair the house on 302 N. First St. for a rental property.  Linville advised caution when considering the repairs to be made to 302 N. First, believing it would cost a significant amount of money, but stating the decision was up to the City Council and the property owner.  He reminded Council members that per the ordinance, all repairs or demolition must be completed within 30 days.  McCauley admitted that neither project could be completed within that time span, but a significant amount of progress could be made.  Council members agreed that would be fine and requested that McCauley obtain bids for the repairs to the house on 302 N. First in the next 30 days.
David Davidson, owner of the former Edina school building north of the courthouse in Edina, was also present.  According to Linville, the old school has several issues that need to be addressed including 23 broken windows, which must be boarded up or replaced.  During a somewhat tense discussion in which Davidson refused to cooperate under the circumstances, Council members decided that he would have 30 days to repair or demolish the structure or face penalties per Ordinance No. 548.
In addition, structures owned by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gibbons at the corner of Morgan and 6th Streets and Asa Shaw at 506 S. Linville are in the process of being demolished.  Progress is also being made on the house owned by Angela Harper at 604 N. Fourth St.  An unsafe porch has been torn down and the property is up for sale. 
There was no further comment and the public hearing adjourned at which time Mayor Strickler opened the regular meeting of the City Council with the invocation followed by the Pledge.  Minutes of the December meeting were read, as well as reports by the Collector and Treasurer. 
Departmental reports were given by Wastewater Superintendent Brad Eitel, Superintendent of Utilities Mike Wriedt and Edina Police Chief Roger Waibel.
Eitel presented bids for three new effluent composite samplers for the Council’s consideration.  He recommended the Hach Sigma model 900SDPS1 Automatic Sampler which was an upgraded version of the USA Blue Book Sigma Sampler and Council members gave the go-ahead.  Priced at $2,900.00, it has a bigger pump and the control panel is easier to operate, according to Eitel.   He also announced that the Missouri Rural Water Association has nominated the Edina Wastewater Treatment Facility for System of the Year.  A meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2008 at the Wastewater plant and the Mayor and Council members have been invited to attend.
According to Wriedt the North Street water line project was recently completed.  He also informed Council members that he would be obtaining prices for a sewer line camera and safety equipment, such as a gas detector and man retrieval device.   A materials list will be put together for the maintenance shed and taken to lumberyards in Knox City and Edina to obtain bids.
During Chief Waibel’s report, he used the opportunity to explain to Council members activities that took place for city police officers such as hot line calls, animal abuse, mutual aid agreements and domestic calls and what those calls entailed.  He performed a show-and-tell in which he displayed drugs and drug paraphernalia that the police department has confiscated over time and discussed related terminology.   Chief Waibel also had positive things to say about the new tranquilizer gun as officers are becoming more familiar with it.
 Prior to adjourning, City Council members voted unanimously that Alderman Donnie Davis would serve another two-year term on the University of Missouri Extension Council.  His current position expires on February 28, 2008.