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Truck Stolen at Dollar General Last Monday

By Crystal Howerton
On Monday evening, January 21, a gray 2006 GMC four-door truck was stolen from the Dollar General parking lot.
The truck, owned by Danny Arment, but driven by Sid Leckbee, who is employed with Arment Commercial Contracting, was parked on the north side of the Dollar General parking lot in Edina and left running. Leckbee said that he was in the store less than five minutes picking up one item and when he came out the truck was gone.  Leckbee went back inside the store where a store employee told him that they had heard a vehicle speeding away.
According to Edina Police Chief Roger Waibel, the call came in at approximately 5:45 p.m. and local authorities were notified soon after.  However, there were no witnesses to the theft and police have no idea who may have taken the vehicle.
Anyone with any information regarding this theft is asked to contact the Edina Police Department.