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Filing Results in for April 8 Election; KCR-1 Will Not Appear on Ballot

By Crystal Howerton

Results of the recent filing deadlines for the April 8 Municipal Election held some surprises in Knox County.  The lack of residents willing to serve on their city and county boards is somewhat depressing.
Neither the Knox County R-1 School District nor the Knox County Nursing Home District will appear on the ballot this year because the number of open positions was the same as the number of candidates filing.  No candidates filed for the open positions of Mayor, East Ward Alderman and West Ward Alderman in Hurdland leaving some question as to what will become of Hurdland’s government, and the single race in Knox County will be for three trustees positions in Novelty.  However, write-in candidates will have up until the second Friday before the election in order for their votes to be counted.  
Knox County Board of Education members Billy Hunter, Mark Greenley and Chris Harrison did not re-file, leaving open positions for the three filing candidates Nancy Averill, Mark Cardwell and former board member Stacy Harder.  They will join current board members President Joe Delaney, Vice President Ruey Douglas, Shelly Bugh and Darrell Shultz.
The position left open by Jeanne Perrigo, who did not re-file, on the Knox County Nursing Home District Board was filled by Judy Pierce and Jim Pinson kept his position, as he was the only other filing candidate.  Also on the nursing home board are Judy Klocke, Elizabeth Poore, Jeanne Mayfield and Jeff Smith.
No one filed for the positions of Mayor, East Ward Alderman and West Ward Alderman in the City of Hurdland; each are two year terms.  Knox County Clerk Debbie McCurren explained that if no one files as a write-in candidate, the current board will be asked to appoint individuals to these positions.
The single race in Knox County for the April election will be in Novelty in which Jerry Lincoln, Jason Violette, Richard Edwards and Linda Stukenberg have filed for three trustees positions.
Also on the ballot, Knox County residents will vote on Proposition 1: Shall the County of Knox continue the existing county wide sales tax of ½ cent (one-half cent), for a period of four years beginning January 1, 2009, for the purpose of the General Revenue Fund?
In the town of Newark, Rita Lindsey, Helen Peterson, and Lester Ellis have filed for three two-year terms on the Board of Trustees.
Eldon Parrish has filed for the South Ward Alderman position in the City of Baring, which is a two-year term.  The position of North Ward Alderman will be a write-in vote.
In the City of Edina, Mayor David W. Strickler, Jr. and Collector Betty Morgret have re-filed for their current positions, which have not been challenged.  Also Renee Edwards, Albert Hagerla and Donnie Davis have re-filed for their current positions of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ward Aldermen.
Sandy G. Browning has filed for the position of Mayor of Knox City, as John Will Nicol has resigned.  Michael E. Rash has filed for a one-year term as North Ward Alderman.  Two two-year positions as North Ward and South Ward Alderman are also on the ballot for write-ins.  Knox City residents will vote yes or no to continue the street tax of .15 per 100 dollar valuation for street maintenance for a period of two years.
Lastly, Lewis County C-1, Adair County R-II and LaPlata R-II School Elections will appear on the ballot in Knox County for those it may concern.