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Knox County Voters Choose Clinton… Obama… Huckabee – In that Order

By Crystal Howerton

The majority of Knox County voters cast their ballots on the Democratic ticket, with nearly 36% or 300 votes for Hillary Clinton last Tuesday.  Of 2880 registered voters in the county, 834 cards were cast.
In six out of seven precincts, Hillary came out on top, including the absentee vote.  Novelty voters cast their ballots in favor of Mike Huckabee by a one-vote margin.   
Barrack Obama received half as many votes as Clinton, picking up 150 votes in Knox County, followed by John Edwards with 28 votes.  Ralph Spelbring, Dennis J. Kucinich and Bill Richardson each received 1 Democratic vote and 5 voters were uncommitted. 
Mike Huckabee claimed 142 of the 343 Republican votes cast.  John McCain had 101 votes, followed by Mitt Romney with 72.  Ron Paul trailed behind with 16 votes; Fred Thompson had 4 and Rudy Guiliani, 3.  Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter each had one vote and there were 3 uncommitted.
Libertarian votes were 1 for Wayne A. Root, 1 for Steve Kubby, 1 for Dave Hollist and 1 uncommitted.
Voter interest is up this year in Knox County with almost 29% casting their vote compared to the 12% in February 2004.