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KC R-1 Welcomes 30 Presenters at Career Day

 By Crystal Howerton

Knox County R-1 students in grades 6-12 enjoyed presentations from a wide variety of career speakers throughout the morning of Friday, March 14, 2008.
High school students had the option of choosing six of thirty different careers available. Middle school students were divided into groups and assigned to speakers.
“Speakers were chosen from each of the six different career paths: arts and communications, health services, natural resources, business and technology, human services and science and technology,” explained High School Counselor Dani Fromm. “High school students who have already selected a career path following graduation were comfortable with choosing from speakers confined to one career path. However, students who are yet unsure of their career path were encouraged to sample a speaker from each of the six career paths in order to discover more about their interests.
“Each group of middle school students were assigned to one speaker from each career path, therefore giving them the opportunity to discover their individual interests, as well,” added K-8 Guidance Counselor Carolyn Primm.
Speakers featured during career day were: Graphic Arts – Britta Burrus, Newspaper Reporter – Carol Kincaid and Crystal Howerton, Taxidermy – Doug Rainey, Mary Kay Consultant – Diane Duley, TV Sports Broadcaster – Jude Wilbers, Physician – Dr. Michael Duzan, Physician’s Assistant – Kelly Foley, Ultrasound and Cardiovascular Technicians – Katie Jones and Ryan Miller, Veterinarian Technician – Josh Moore, Nurse – Sonja See and Carla Cook, Conservation Agent – Adam Doerhoff, Lumber business – Mark Cardwell, GAMM – Betty Powell, Banking – Craig Miller, Computer Technician – Gary Parish, Lineman – Jonathon Bradley, Medical Technician – Cheri Yoakum, Speech Pathologist, Physical and Occupational Therapist – Nancy Averill, Human Resources Director – Chuck McBee, Law Enforcement and Highway Patrol – Sheriff Mike Kite and Trooper Wilbur Koch, Counselor – Melissa McCauley, Reflexology – Martha Horst, Microbiologist – Dr. Neal Chamberlain, Meteorologist – Teresa Carter, Construction Safety Coordinator – Stephen Miller, Landscaping – John Picker, Cosmetology/Hair Stylist – Samantha Woods and Billy Mitchell, National Guard – Sergeant Bradley Young and Lawyer – Jo Fortney.
Speakers were asked to visit with six groups of approximately fifteen students for thirty-minute periods. They were asked to come in the occupation-appropriate clothing and share their background and how they became interested in their line of work. They discussed areas of interest or talent for them as a student and how those things relate to their current career. They shared extracurricular activities that assisted in preparing them, as well as school subjects or specific skills that were helpful in preparing for their career. Speakers informed students of the necessary education or training requirements for their career. They described a typical day in their occupation and various duties that their job requires. Speakers discussed the importance of co-worker and/or customer relationships, shared important work habits for their career and discussed advantages and disadvantages of their occupation. Some speakers even included a work-related skill or demonstrated a tool used at their job.
In appreciation for their time, refreshments were served throughout the morning for speakers to enjoy in between sessions, as well as lunch provided by the staff.
I think the students found the speakers very interesting and enjoyable,” added Fromm. “They seemed to especially enjoy the National Guard and the rock climbing wall. Everyone in the high school was given the opportunity to take advantage of that particular attraction.”