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Hettinger Vs. Penn Farms: Public Hearing Postponed

By Crystal Howerton

The public hearing that was to have taken place last Friday in the Knox County Courtroom regarding a proposed Class II CAFO on Route AA northeast of Edina has been postponed until further notice.
The hearing, which was scheduled during a spontaneous meeting of Penn Farms representatives and citizens opposing the CAFO on April 11, has been postponed at the request of both parties. The ongoing dispute between supporters of WO1 Randell Hettinger and Penn Farms stems from a proposed 4850-head wean-to-finish hog facility approximately 1,000 feet from Hettinger’s alleged residence.
Originally scheduled for Friday morning, May 2 in the Knox County Courtroom, the purpose of the hearing was to allow representatives of both sides to present proof of whether or not WO1 Hettinger was indeed living at the residence in question at least 6 months prior to being deployed last year.