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Farewell, Class of 2008

 By Crystal Howerton

Commencement exercises for the Knox County R-1 Class of 2008 were held in the high school gymnasium on Saturday evening, May 17 at 7:00 p.m.
Soon-to-be graduates entered the gymnasium to “Pomp and Circumstance” compliments of Organist Carol Hayes.
Following the processional, introductions were made by High School Principal Andy Turgeon. Class President Sarah Anderson welcomed friends and family to the momentous event.
Next, the graduating class made their way to the risers where they sang, “Photograph” by Nickelback.
Senior Speaker and Valedictorian Brandon Goodwin boasted his class’s many accomplishments, in both academics and sports. He preceded featured speaker Jesse Crawford, who reiterated Goodwin’s address of the Class of 2008’s talent and stated his pride and enjoyment in being associated with such promising youth.
Then, Knox County Honor Choir performed “Maybe Someday” and “Graduation Song,” followed by the much anticipated senior video. Senior Honor Choir members sang “At the Beginning.”
The Presentation of Honors was made by High School Counselor Dani Fromm, followed by the Presentation of Seniors/Diplomas made by Principal Andy Turgeon and School Board members. The following students received their high school diploma: Sarah Anderson, Jonathan Clark, Shane Clouse, Jaimie Davis, Colton Deem, Laken Edwards, Rebecca Edwards, Brandon Goodwin, John Greenley, Andrew Hamlin, Chelle Hamm, Jordan Harrison, Robert Hawkins, Jeremy Hudson, Ethan Hustead, Jessica James, Holly Kite, Christina Klataske, Nicole Klataske, Alena Koester, Andrew Lingenfelter, Rochelle Lowe, Jordin Luthenauer, Angela McKay, Daniel McMahon, Joana Ortega, Caley Palmer, Zachary Parrish, Angela Perry, Steven Pruessner, Barry Schrage, Jimmy Schrage, Emily See, Andrew Sharp, John Shoults, Cory Shultz, Kane Douglas Simmons, Jessica Stout, Erin Thacker, Kayla Turner, Danielle Wolfe and Justyn Womack.
As each senior was assisted off the stage by Junior Marshall Brandon Gudehus, they were handed red carnations by Junior Marshall Laura Blake, which they in turn passed out to their mothers or other significant females in their lives.
After the last student found his way back his seat, Principal Andy Turgeon announced the Class of 2008, which was followed by a chaos of silly string, confetti and balloons.