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Upcoming Primary Election August 5th

 Upcoming Primary Election August 5th

By Crystal Howerton

Knox County voters will be headed to the polls August 5th to nominate candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Attorney General, as well as for U.S. Representative District 9 and State Representative District 1. County offices will include Eastern District Commissioner, Western District Commissioner, Sheriff, Assessor, Public Administrator and Coroner.

There are seven candidates for Governor, two Democrats, four Republicans and one Libertarian. Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon and Daniel Carroll are vying for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Republican candidates for Governor are Scott Long, Sarah Steelman, Kenny Hulshof and Jennie Lee (Jen) Schwartze Sievers. Andrew W. Finkenstadt is unopposed for the Libertarian party’s nomination for Governor.

Six candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor are Sam Page, Michael E. Carter, Richard Charles Tolbert, Becky L. Plattner, Mary Williams and C. Lillian Metzger. Three Republican candidates are vying for their party’s nomination: Peter Kinder, Paul Douglas Sims and Arthur Hodge, Sr. Libertarian Teddy Fleck is unopposed as the Libertarian party’s nomination for Lieutenant Governor.
In the race for Secretary of State, there is one candidate choice for each party: Robin Carnahan – Democrat, Mitchell (Mitch) Hubbard – Republican and Wes Upchurch – Libertarian.

There are four Democratic nominations for State Treasurer – Mark Powell, Clint Zweifel, Andria Danine Simckes and Charles B. Wheeler. The lone Republican nomination for State Treasurer is Brad Lager and there were no Libertarian nominations.
Four candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General are Chris Koster, Margaret Donnelly, Jeff Harris and Molly Williams. Mike Gibbons is the only Republican nomination for State Treasurer. There were no Libertarian nominations.
For U.S. Representative District 9, there are four Democratic nominations, five Republican nominations and one Libertarian nomination. They are: Democrat – Steve Gaw, Judy Baker, Lyndon Bode and Ken Jacob; Republican – Bob Onder, Dan Bishir, Danielle (Danie) Moore, Brock Olivo and Blaine Luetkemeyer; Libertarian – Tamara A. Millay.

There is one Democratic and one Republican nomination for State Representative District 1. They are Keri Cottrell – Democrat and Brian Munzlinger – Republican.
Five Democratic nominations for Eastern District Commissioner are Patsy “Pat” Parsons, Phil Gragg, Terry Callahan, David McCabe and Gene Devlin. Rhett Hunziker is the Republican candidate for Eastern District Commissioner.

Democratic Incumbent Terry Marble is unopposed for Western District Commissioner.
There are two Democratic candidates and Republican candidates for Knox County Sheriff: Democrat – Incumbent Mike Kite and Debbie Kincaid; Republican – Robert Becker and Terry Bowen.

Democrat candidate for Assessor is Gary Mayer and Republican candidate is Anita James.

Democratic Incumbent Public Administrator Kathy J. Poore is unopposed.
Democratic Incumbent Coroner Jeff Doss will be opposed by Republican candidate Keith Spory.

Knox County Clerk Debbie McCurren has reported that there will be six voting places in Knox County for the Primary Election on the 5th day of August 2008.