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 Over 250 People Attend Greenley Field Day

By Crystal Howerton

Over 250 people attended the 31st Annual Greenley Field Day on Thursday, August 7, 2008 at the Greenley Memorial Research Center near Novelty, in spite of the beautiful weather that kept many farmers in the fields.

According to Greenley Superintendent Randall Smoot, the slight decline in numbers over last year was probably attributed to weather. “The unusually rainy season has seriously hindered farming operations, making it necessary for farmers to take advantage of the cooperative weather.”

Visitors saw tours conducted in crops, pest management and beef, as well as a MUDS (MU Drainage & Subirrigation) at the Ross Jones farm nearby and a wind demonstration, “Is Small Wind for You?”

The crops tour included a Strip-Till Demonstration and Considerations (Dr. Kelly Nelson, Research Agronomist) and Cost Effective Variable Source Nitrogen Applications in Corn (Doug Lugwig, graduate student). Aerial Production in Today’s Production Systems was cancelled due to work obligations.

The pest management tour consisted of Management of Volunteer Corn in Transgenic Corn (Reid J. Smeda), Soybean Response to Aphid Management (Clint Meinhardt, Research Specialist) and New Herbicide Management Options in Corn (Dr. Kevin Bradley, Assistant Professor).

Strategies to Manage Feed Cost (Dr. Justin Sexton), Forage Species and Varieties: Adapted Forage Update (Dr. Leon McIntyre), Docility EPD’s Temperament & It’s Relation to Growth (Zac Erwin, Livestock Specialist) and Evaluation of Short-term CIDR Based Protocols-Postpartum Beef Cows (Dallas Wilson) were discussed on the beef tour.
Visitors also enjoyed a meal catered by Western’s Smokehouse, Greentop, MO and keynote speakers US Representative Kenny Hulshof and US Senator Kit Bond.