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Navy Vets Reunite After 42 Years

 Navy Vets Reunite After 42 Years

By Crystal Howerton

Delmar Strange, of Edina, welcomed Navy comrade Joe Canode, of Jackson, Ohio to his hometown for a visit last weekend. The WWII vets served together as 3rd class Gunners Mates (GMG3’s) on the same ship for two years until the USS Lake Champlain was decommissioned in 1966 at Philadelphia.

“Those were the best two years of my life,” admitted Strange. “It was really something for an 18-year-old country boy to get on a plane in Quincy to Norfolk, VA not knowing where I would end up.”

Canode located Strange via the Internet and contacted him in January and they have communicated since. Canode has planned a month long trip with his wife, Jeanette, to see the West. His first stop was Edina, Missouri in order to reunite with his friend, Delmar, after 42 years.

The Canode’s arrived in Edina on Thursday evening, September 4 and departed on Monday morning, September 8. During their stay, they took in Knox County’s annual Cornfest activities, as well as attending ecumenical services on Sunday morning at the 4-H pavilion with Strange’s family. Their travels will take them to Louisiana so that Joe can visit another old friend before continuing on to California and then back home again to Ohio.