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KCR-1 Board of Education Authorizes Bus Purchase

By Crystal Howerton (from minutes)

During the regular session meeting on Tuesday evening, September 16, 2008, Bus Mechanic Joe Holman and Transportation Director Steve Ramer presented data on the current bus fleet and addressed present and future needs.

Ramer recommended that the district trade-in the 83-passenger stub nose bus due to lack of use and recommended the purchase of a 71-passenger bus that can be used as a trip bus and/or route bus. Following a lengthy discussion, Board members voted to purchase a 2009 Saf-T-Liner with approximately 2,700 miles (71-passenger conventional school bus) from Ponder Equipment of Litchfield, Illinois for the purchase price of $9,500 plus trade-in of the 2007 Bluebird district-owned stub nose 83-passenger school bus.

Minutes from the previous month’s meeting and tax hearing were approved as well as authorization for payment of bills. There were no citizen’s communications. In addition to submitted reports, reports were heard from High School Principal Andy Turgeon updating the Middle/High School Principal’s report and building calendars, Special Programs Coordinator Nancy Goodwin reporting on the presentation she and Elementary Principal Marty Strange made at the Federal Programs Conference on the District’s first year as a School-wide Title 1 Program and Superintendent D.J. Leverton commenting on the security of the District’s banking and investments in the current economic climate.
CTA Representative Staci English reported on the September CTA meeting.

Programs and Services Evaluation reports were heard. Prin. Strange and Turgeon presented the Instructional Effectiveness evaluation reports for their respective buildings, which were approved, as well as the Finance and Food Service Evaluation Reports presented by Supt. Leverton.

Prin. Turgeon gave a PowerPoint presentation on the MAP results from spring MAP 2008 tests. The report included disaggregated performance data for all of the District’s reported subgroups, comparison to prior year’s performance data and comparison to state performance data.

He also gave an update of dual credit enrollments for the current school year and presented the dual credit agreement with MACC, which received the Board’s approval, for classes taught by the District’s instructor(s).

Ramer presented information on the current and future needs for facilities and maintenance. The Board discussed snow removal options, the purchase of a multi-purpose utility vehicle (Land Pride Treker), the condition of the elementary roof and the status of the structure of the central office.