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Knox County Nursing Home Board Discusses Expense Concerns

Knox County Nursing Home Board Discusses Expense Concerns

The Knox County Nursing Home District held their regular meeting on Wednesday, September 17 at 7 p.m. All Board members were present, as well as Administrator Tim Schrage, Larry Phillips and Ruth Hettinger. The Board of Directors consists of Jim Pinson, Jeanne Mayfield, Judy Klocke, Judy Pearce, Jeff Smith and Kay Sykes. The meeting had been legally posted according to the Sunshine Law and a quorum present. The meeting was called to order and the agenda approved.

At this point, the Board of Directors listened to Ruth Hettinger, who asked to be placed on the agenda. Ruth presented her concerns to the Board regarding CAFO operations and the effect they on our community. She urged people to get involved and let the county commissioners know how they feel about this issue.

The administrator presented the treasurer’s report highlighting significant areas in the balance sheet and statement of operations for the nursing home and residential care facility. Upon clarification and discussion of various points the financial report was approved. The administrator expressed his concerns in that census has been down for quite some time as is the case in surrounding homes. The administrator stated that we need to plan for a continued low census and figure out how we are going to keep our expenses less than our revenue. This will be difficult when the District is faced with making capital improvements either because of changes in state regulations and/or items that need to be replaced or repaired. The District had just completed its fiscal year, finding the nursing home with a $42,154 profit and the RCF with a $10,976 loss. In addition to this, the District had faced significant capital improvements expenses, which totaled nearly $142,000. Some of those capital improvements expenses included: costs following the July 2007 fire, costs for renovating resident rooms on one hall, replacement of boiler lines, updating the fire alarm system, etc. The administrator explained upcoming costs to install required smoke detection devices, redo the shower room, make repairs to the sprinkler system, repairs to the driveway, etc. He estimated those costs to be about $65,000. Details of each of these costs were discussed and it was the agreement of the Board that all of these items are prudent and necessary.

Under Old Business, the administrator reported on the status of State Regulation concerning the addition of smoke detection devices, which will require upgrades to the RCF and may also force the nursing home to do the same. There should be clarification in the coming weeks. The administrator announced to the Board that upon a sample testing of sprinkler heads, “Underwriters Laboratories” reports that one particular type of sprinkler head did not meet required standards. Consequently, all heads of this type will need to be replaced. There were 180 heads in all. Three bids were reviewed ranging from a cost of $20,460-$29,170. Bids were reviewed and the job was awarded to McCauley Plumbing and Heating. The issue of repairs to the water storage tank, which provides water for the sprinkler system, was further reviewed and bids compared. The Board voted to go with the lower bid, which was also a local contractor. The estimated cost for this repair is approximately $7,000.

Under New Business, there was discussion as to the condition of the front parking lot of the nursing home. Upon discussion and review of one quote, the Board directed the administrator to ask more questions about whether it would be best to do this in the fall or summer and proceed with repairs if such was recommended. An advertising package was reviewed. Given other expenses the Board advised that we not spend more money in advertisement. The last item under new business was to deal with the administrator’s contract, which had expired last month. Upon discussion of the administrator’s performance and satisfaction his contract was extended without changes.

The administrator reported that the local banks CD rates were comparable to outlying banks. The new van has been fixed following an August fire. The van was towed to Salina, Kansas and returned in good repair. The cost for repairs was covered under the vehicle warranty. Fortunately, the District still had the old van to use in the meantime. Now that the van is fixed, the old van will be for sale. The administrator reported that recent lightning strikes had damaged some equipment and that the MOPERM insurance had been informed. Mr. Schrage stated that the Tub-Cut project in the RCF is to begin in mid October and is to be done in selected rooms. This will help residents in the RCF to be able to get in and out of their bathtub easier. Funds from the Eunice Pearce estate will cover the costs.

There being no further public comment and no Board concerns, the Board adjourned at approximately 10:00 p.m.