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Overwhelming Turnout In Knox County

 Overwhelming Turnout In Knox County

By Crystal Howerton

Knox County had an overwhelming 70.34% of registered voters turnout on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 for the general election, an increase of 6.25% from 2004. Knox City had the largest voter turnout with 64% voting.

Knox County Clerk Debbie McCurren reported 2,070 of 2,943 cards cast. “I want to commend everyone who voted. Elections are expensive and when people vote it makes it more worthwhile. We had people vote that haven’t been active for years. This will also allow us to clean up voter registration.”

“The poll workers were terrific, as usual. All precincts had reported by 8: 15 on Tuesday night,” added McCurren

The following is an unofficial tally of Knox County votes ONLY. Statewide results may differ.

There were four races in Knox County for the offices of Eastern District Commissioner, Sheriff, Assessor and Coroner.

Republican candidate Rhett Hunziker garnered 378 votes to Democrat Terry “Red” Callahan’s 719 votes for Eastern District Commissioner.

In the race for Sheriff, Republican Robert Becker earned 812 votes to Democratic Incumbent Mike Kite’s 1,218 votes.

For the office of Assessor, Republican Anita James collected 1,297 votes to Democrat Gary Mayer’s 718 votes.

Republican candidate Keith Spory garnered 588 votes to Democratic Incumbent Jeffrey Doss’s 1,420 votes for Coroner.

Incumbent Terry Marble retained his position as Western District Commissioner receiving 766 votes.

With a total of 1,679 votes, Incumbent Kathy J. Poore will retain her position as Public Administrator.

A select number of Knox City voters were asked to respond to “Shall the number of members of the Board of Directors of the LaBelle Fire Protection District be increased to five members?” Knox City reported 3 “yes” votes and 4 “no” votes. There were no absentee votes.

A total of 2,027 votes were cast in the presidential election with 758 votes for Democrats Obama/Biden and 1,211 votes for Republicans McCain/Palin. There were 17 votes for the Libertarian candidates, the Constitution Party collected eight votes and the Independent candidates received 28 votes.

For the office of Governor, Republican Kenny Hulshof garnered 1,178 votes to Democrat Jeremiah W. Nixon’s 793 votes. Libertarian candidate Andrew Finkenstadt earned 10 votes, while Constitution Party candidate Gregory E. Thompson got 21.

Republican Peter Kinder earned 1,194 votes for the office of Lt. Governor and there were 680 votes for Democrat Sam Page. Libertarian candidate Teddy Fleck garnered 32 votes, and Constitution Party candidate James C. Rensing received 20 votes.

In the office of Secretary of State, Republican Mitchell Hubbard garnered 731 votes and Democrat Robin Carnahan collected 1,148 votes. Libertarian candidate Wes Upchurch earned 20 votes while Constitution Party candidate Denise C. Neely got 28 votes.
Republican Brad Lager earned 993 votes for the office of State Treasurer to Democrat Clint Zweifel’s 761 votes. Constitution party candidate Rodney D. Farthing received 50 votes.

For the office of Attorney General, Republican Mike Gibbons garnered 1,147 votes to Democrat Chris Koster’s 752 votes.

Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer collected 1,092 votes for District 9 US Representative to Democrat Judy Baker’s 825 votes. Libertarian candidate Tamara A. Millay garnered 45 votes.
For the office of District 1 State Representative Republican Brian Munzlinger collected 1,268 votes to Democrat Keri Cottrell’s 746 votes.

Knox County voters elected to retain all of the Court of Appeals judges and Supreme Court Judge Patricia Breckenridge, Yes – 1,126 No – 493; Court of Appeals – Robert D. Dowd, Jr., Yes – 1,066 No – 518; Kurt S. Odenwald, Yes – 1,064 No – 490; Roy L. Richter, Yes – 1,058 No – 498.

Proposition A – Yes – 930 No – 939; Proposition B – Yes – 1,247 No – 582; Proposition C – Yes – 1,060 No – 734. Constitutional Amendment No. 1 – Yes – 1,714 No – 184; Constitutional Amendment No. 4 – Yes – 840 No – 852.