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Edina Council Discusses Water Rate Increase

 Edina Council Discusses Water Rate Increase

By Carol Kincaid
From Minutes

The City Council in Edina met January 12 for their regular, second Monday of the month meeting, with all present.

Topics included the customary month-to-month city business. Regular reports were filed, read, and approved.

Wastewater Superintendent Brad Eitel submitted his report that stated there were no problems or repairs for the month of December, and the annual sludge report was completed and mailed. He noted that the total rainfall for 2008 was 60.8 inches, which is up from 2007’s total of 41.14 inches.

Superintendent of Utilities Mike Wriedt said that the inspection by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recommended better lighting at the water pumping station for security purposes. Ameren UE is to be contacted with this request.
He also informed the Board that the DNR inspection also recommended that the lake intake be capped or plugged and he plans to check into some different options for the Board’s consideration.

He also reported that C and D entry level wastewater treatment training classes will begin January 13 at Macon and that he and Alan Ives will be attending.
This certification will be beneficial to Supt. Eitel and the Wastewater Department. When the other two are certified, Eitel will be able to take time off and one or the other gentlemen will be able to legally run the plant in his absence.

The public hearing was held, with no comments from the public. The proposed increases and reasons for the proposed rate increases were read. There are many factors that contribute to the need for rate increases such as— the increase in water that the City purchases from the Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission, higher costs for fuel, increases in employee health insurance, increases in landfill charges, and higher costs for repairs and maintenance.

Mayor Davey Strickler said that he and the Council members have tried to keep the rate increase to a “bare minimum””

He also read the current report from the Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission, and reported that the City will be receiving some reimbursement from FEMA for flood damage in 2008.

With that, “Happy Birthday” was sung to Alderman Tom Morgret and the meeting adjourned.