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Essays on Veterans Earn Student Awards

Essays on Veterans Earn Student Awards

By Carol Kincaid

Last Fall students at Knox County R-I were asked to explain why they felt Veterans should be honored. Sixty-two essays were submitted, and then judged by the Knox County Commissioners and County Clerk. The winners were Krystal Wenger, John Norwood II, and Patrick Gibbons. Each of the students received a $100 US Savings Bond from the Knox County Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4822 and the Knox County Memorial Ladies Auxiliary.

While presenting the Bonds, the representatives of the VFW and Auxiliary also presented Kim Fogle, Social Studies teacher, with $25, and the Annual VFW Teacher of the Year Award. Fogle was nominated because she uses visual illustrations and guest speakers to make her classes more interesting and meaningful. She also holds mock elections and has had her class recite the Pledge and Preamble over the school intercom.

Post 4822 sent her nomination on to District 17, where she also won the Teacher of the Year Award.

The winning essays are as follows:

American Veterans
By Krystal Wenger
Why should American Veterans be honored? The answer—Because they have, without question, given their time, energy, and sometimes their life to leave behind family, friends, and loved ones going into harm’s way to protect our freedoms and way of life.
We here in America think we have it hard, but the Veterans faced death everyday. Anyone who gives their life for a cause should be honored.
The men and women who fought in the war knew they might be killed, but that did not stop them from fighting for what they believed in. Imagine being a veteran in the war and when you came back to America you were not honored and the people acted like they didn’t care that you had fought for the country…that is sad.
Veterans have done so much for our country they gave their lives for our country and they should be honored. Veterans are living bridges to the past; their memories bring back to life events that sometimes we have forgotten.
Many young people take for granted what the veterans did for our country and what they still do today. When the veterans went off to the war they set aside their personal needs for the good of the country. The Veteran’s service to the country help shape our lives and they are brave enough to go and fight for our freedom, even though it sometimes costs them their lives.
Imagine families torn apart by war, children growing up without fathers and when they do come back they are maybe only honored on Veteran’s Day and maybe after being in that kind of a situation they would have nightmares as real as being there again after you have been through stuff like that you might never be the same again. Veterans should be honored because they did and do things that others are afraid to do, they take chances and endured hardships for the sake of the country.
Veterans are important to our country and we should never forget what (they) did for us and this is why we should honor our Veterans.

Why Should Veterans
be Honored?

By John Norwood II
Imagine a world without democracy. People choose your job, house, and even your cereal. This is where we might be if our veterans didn’t fight for us in all of the past wars. Veterans have been fighting for our freedom since the Revolutionary War. Veterans allow us to live how we want, granted there are a few rules, but come on, if we didn’t have those laws we could get hurt.
My grandpa was in the Vietnam War and was hurt badly. Today he will not let me say anything bad about Vietnamese children. When he was in Vietnam he saw a mother and a baby get shot by a Vietnamese soldier who thought the mother was American.
Veterans risk their lives so we can be free. If we don’t honor them then what honor do we have? None! If we don’t honor the people who give us our freedom then why do we deserve to be free?
My grandpa says that we have freedoms we don’t even notice. We have the freedom to choose our jobs, and where we live. We enjoy these simple freedoms everyday but we take them for granted.
Veterans are both the feet and head of America. You may not agree, but in my opinion veterans are more important than the President. If we didn’t have the veterans then we would have lost those wars and there would be no United States of America. If there is no United States of America then there is no President.
Many people have family members who are veterans. In my family I have three people; I have my grandpa who was in the Vietnam War; my cousin, who was in Iraq; and my brother, who is in Iraq too.
In my hometown veterans are very important. Every year we hold a banquet in their honor. I think that no matter where you are from, what color your skin is, or what religion you are, you should honor the veterans that allow us our freedom.

Freedom Isn’t Free
By Patrick D. Gibbons
Over the years many men and women have given their lives for our rights. From Gettysburg to Desert Storm, our American troops have marched fearlessly into battle. These soldiers have been killed, wounded and traumatized; few return home unharmed. The soldiers and veterans have done so much for our country and we only officially honor them one day a year.
Our veterans are honored through many organizations including the VFW and the American Legion, but still that is not enough. They have put their lives in danger for this country and our rights and they deserve more. We have the fallen, wounded and serving soldiers to thank for our human rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a democratic government where we can choose our own leaders. We should honor our veterans because they have sacrificed so much. Veterans all across this nation sacrificed something when they went to war, whether it is an arm or leg, or a never ending horror story that keeps playing over and over in their minds. Any regular American citizen who hasn’t been to war could not imagine the horrible things our troops and veterans have faced during war time over the centuries. My grandfather served in the Vietnam War and returned home safely, but was later killed in an accident and we still honor him today because he risked his life for our freedom, liberty and constitutional rights.
Veterans need to be honored because they possess the courage and bravery that it takes to go to war and march fearlessly into battle without thinking about what all they left behind on the home front. Since they have made that sacrifice, we need to return the favor with honor. Sometimes we forget about what they have risked and how easy we have it and forget to honor them. These are the great reasons why I believe we should honor our veterans and why “Freedom isn’t Free”.