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Large Attendance For Annual COOP Meeting

 Large Attendance For Annual COOP Meeting

By Carol Kincaid
Northeast Missouri Co-Op Board President Larry Clark spoke before what he called one of the best attended Annual dinner Meetings in several years.  The meeting was held at the KC Hall in Edina and the delicious dinner was catered by Nolan’s Catering of Macon.

The annual Report was presented by Office Manager Danny Dale, who pointed out that “the inventory values were a big contribution” to the Total Assets.  When speaking about the Liabilities and Member’s Equity, he noted that the differences between 2007 and 2008 totals were due to “higher prices and customer prepays”.

He wound up his presentation by saying “ We had a very good year (last year), and are in a position to have another good year”.
Clark told a story (he predicated his story by saying he was “older than dirt”) of a time in the 1980’s when the Co-Op was not doing as well. In fact, they were in the “red” and meeting with a Co-Op banker, expecting the worst.

He said the turn-around was “due to the employees and management”, with a little help from the Board.  He told about how (then) General Manager Frank Pianalto came in and closed unprofitable branches of the business and streamlined the rest.
Present General Manager Larry Klocke reported that last year created record highs in fuel, grain, and fertilizer.  He compared some varieties of fertilizer with ’07 prices and reported that nitrogen is actually 20 percent cheaper not, as is phosphate, but potash is 63 percent higher, and that potash suppliers closed plants rather than lower prices.

He said there have been two major purchases this past year, one sprayer had already been ordered, and the second piece was purchased used.  There was also $43,000 plus put in the retirement fund this year, and he explained how it works.

The door prize drawings were held and the meeting was adjourned.  Winners of the Door prizes were Gary Gooch, Helen Pulse, Norma Burditt, and Sheryl Smithson.