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Short Board Handles March Council Business


Short Board Handles March Council Business

By Carol Kincaid

From Minutes

Only four members of the City Council Board were present for
the March 9 meeting at City Hall in Edina. 
Mayor Davey Strickler and those four members, Gordon Edwards, Tom
Morgret, Donnie Davis, and Albert Hagerla handled the items on the agenda.

Brad Eitel, Wastewater Superintendent, met with the
Board.  He reported no problems with the
equipment, but he did say that, beginning April 1 through October 31 he will
have to resume “hand carrying” a sample of the sewer water to a Columbia lab
for testing.  This means he has to take
a sample of the wastewater to Columbia every week throughout the summer.

Effective about a year ago, DNR implemented a new requirement
for testing Fecal Coliform during the warmer months.  The EPA is requiring the sample be no older than six hours.  There are only a few labs in the state that
do this test, therefore Eitel must take a sample weekly to Columbia, the
closest lab.

He told Council members that he had applied for permission
to do another type of test, that he can do at the plant, but he was refused
permission by DNR.

Mike Wriedt, Superintendent of Utilities expressed his
appreciation to all of the Aldermen that were at the demolition site while the
work was done.  The site referred to was
at the corner of E. Clay and Highway 15 (First Street) in Edina.  The site was a derelict house owned by Jack
and Evie McCauley.  The City had been in
dispute with the McCauleys over the property since the early 1980’s.  City ordinances require repair or demolition
of  properties that could be hazardous
or provide habitat to wild animals.

Complaints had been made about the structure for some time.

When all efforts failed as of last December, per City
Ordinance, the City had the right to demolish the remains of the structure, and
recently did so.  The cost of the
demolition will be added to the taxes on the property.

Wriedt also reported the need to sell two three-horsepower
pumps, in order to purchase needed five-horsepower pumps.  He told the Aldermen that the lift pump
located near the Edina Farm and Home has some problems, but repairs are being

Edina Police Chief Roger Waibel added his comments on the
quality of the demolition

work and expressed concerns about the former Stage Coach Pizza
building (the southwest corner of Main and LaFayette Streets.  He told Council members that the south side
of the back of the building is “bulging”.

He is to contact City Building Inspector Jim Linville to
have the building inspected.  The former
water plant building was also mentioned. 
Council members were informed that there are plans to demolish it in the

  The Council
received a letter from C&R Markets requesting permission to block part of
the 300 block of East Smallwood Street for a one-day Garage Sale Event on May
2.  Chief Waibel did not see a problem
with this request.  Fire Chief Tom Morgret
requested that a fire lane be kept open, and the Council approved the activity

The Council meeting was then adjourned.