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Knox County Students Learn Electrical Safety at Live Line Demo

Knox County  Students Learn Electrical Safety at Live Line Demo

Lewis County REC and Northeast Power sponsored an electrical safety demonstration on March 31st for students at Highland and Knox County R-1.  The programs were presented by Kyle Finely and Scott McTaggart, who are trained linemen from Alvin, Illinois.  The team’s unique display unit and dynamic delivery style captivates audiences and sends participants away with a much greater respect for electricity and the dangers associated with it.  
Finely and McTaggart discussed the importance of installing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s).  They reminded students to watch out for overhead power lines, keeping farm equipment, swimming pool cleaning tools, balloons, and other objects clear of electrical lines.
The team warned students that if they are ever in an accident involving a utility pole, they should assume electric lines could be down.  The proper action is to STAY IN THE VEHICLE until the power company can get there and de-energize the line.  Stepping out of the vehicle would create a path to ground and kill a person instantly.  The only exception would be if the smell of gasoline or a fire were to occur.  In that case, the proper action is to jump –not step- with both feet together away from the vehicle, making sure you are NOT touching the vehicle with any part of your body when you land.  Because electricity dissipates and the ground may be energized, you should hop with both feet together as you exit the area around the accident.
Kyle commented that the Live Line Demo has proven to save lives. Recently, Kyle did a presentation at a school in Indiana.  Later that week, four students were involved in an accident involving power lines and three of them had just attended Kyle’s presentation.  Kyle said he received calls from their parents thanking him for saving their children’s lives.  The students knew to stay in the car and all four students are alive and well.
Lewis County REC and Northeast Power were pleased to sponsor the Live Line Demo and hope to bring it to other high schools in the area next year.  For more information on the Live Line Demo visit