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Knox Co. R-1 Board Reorganizes After Election

By Mike Scott
From draft minutes

The Knox County R-1 Board of Education met in special and regular sessions on Monday, April 21.  It’s first actions were to accept the April 7 election results, and to have those elected take their oath of office.
Board officer elections were next on the agenda.  Nancy Averill nominate Shelly Bugh for President of the Board, and Bugh was elected on 6-0-1 vote, with Bugh abstaining. 
Mark Cardwell was nominated by Nancy Averill for the office of vice-president, and he was elected on a 6-0-1 vote, with Cardwell abstaining.
Darrell Shultz was nominated by President Bugh to be the board Treasurer.  The motion was passed on 6-0-1 vote, with Shultz abstaining.
Shelly Bugh nominated Nancy Averill as  Secretary, and that also passed by 6-0-1 vote with Averill abstaining.
Following the board elections, the special meeting closed and the regular meeting opened by President Bugh with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Minutes of the previous meetings were approved, and authorization was given to pay April 2009 bills as presented.
Board President Bugh read a thank you note from the family of Eva Farris (Gene Farris).
The board heard and accepted reports from the superintendent and administrators.
Andy Turgeon updated the board on End of Course Exams for high school classes, and reported positive feedback on the Freshman Orientation, which had 83% attendance.
Marty Strange reported that a successful after-school tutoring program had ended for the year.  A Spring Math Night is being planned, and Hays Klocke was recognized for participating in the state math competition.
Nancy Goodwin reported that 75 students had been screened in the preschool/kindergarten roundup, and two students had participated in the Special Olympics at Kirksville.
Superintendent Leverton updated the board on Federal Section 218 and Social Security/Retirement with the clarification that any position requiring teacher certification was covered by teacher retirement.  He also updated the board on current proposed legislation that could effect schools.
Marilyn Waite reported that the district had received the 2008 Distinction in Performance Award.
Mrs. Waite also informed the board that the district was recognized for high performance on the Spring 2008 MAP Assessments.  The recognition is for the Top Ten Schools in percent of students scoring at the Advanced and Proficient levels for school with 250-500 students.  The current eighth grande  was recognized for math and communication arts, while the current seniors were recognized for science.
Technology Coordinator Steve Blodgett presented the technology report, which was reviewed and accepted by the board.
Steve Ramer presented summer maintenance plans to the board.  Projects to be addressed include:
–Repair elementary roof
–Lower high school cafeteria ceiling
–Enclose high school gym windows
–Remove old fans in high school gym
–Construct new freezer/colling storage for food service
–Following painting rotation for classrooms
–General maintenance throughout interior and exterior
-General cleaning of all facilities.
Marty Strange reported 99 students enrolled in the 2009 Summer School at the elementary level.
The board discussed and approved the  2009-10 Pay Schedule for Certified and Support staff.
The board revised its meeting time policy.  A motion to meet at 6PM for September through April, and 7PM May through August failed 3-4.  A motion to meet at 7:00PM for all regular meetings passed 5-2
The board entered closed session to discuss legal, student and personnel issues.Enter your body text here.