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Two New Employees Approved by Council

Two New Employees Approved by Council

By Carol

From minutes

   The Board of
Aldermen of the city of Edina met for their regular June meeting on Monday
evening June 8 at City Hall.  The agenda
was short, with one building permit and one application for a Liquor License.

Xander, of 1107 SE Hill St. applied to build a two car attached garage, size
30’ by 30’.  The application was
approved unanimously.

Foods Inc. applied for a liquor license for the Pick-A-Dilly at 100 S. First
St..  Since the establishment already
has a license under Big River Oil, there were no problems seen and the license
passed five to zero with one abstention (Donnie Davis).

reports were pretty straightforward.  Waste
water Supt. Brad Eitel said the plant had been running at more than capacity,
but there had been no problems or repairs.

and Utilities Supt. Mike Wriedt noted that there are two new City employees,
one full time replacement, Randy McCoin, and a seasonal employee, David Stull.

   It was
noted that a GAMM project will provide the labor to paint two of the City’s
older sheds, with the City to provide the paint.

were made about speeding on Route P (N. Fulton).

   Also noted
was the fact that the ball diamond has been flooded many times this year,
causing the cancellation of many of the games. 
It was suggested that the field be raised or a levee be built.  No action was taken but the board said they
would check with other sources to see what could be done.