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William Woods Courses Cancelled At Knox County High School

William Woods Courses Canceled At Knox County High School

By Beth Hunolt
The Knox County School Board met on Tuesday, September 15th, at 7 pm in the Knox County High School. All board members were present when School Board President Shelly Bugh called the meeting to order. Approval of the agenda, minutes, and authorization for payment of bills were granted with a seven for and none against vote.
The Administrators were then allowed to give their reports to the board. Mr. Andy Turgeon announced that the William Woods University Courses would not be offered this year due to the lack of interest. The district  needed eight people to get the courses and we were two people shy of the quota. Mrs. Marty Strange reports that September 17th will be the start of Citizen week at school, the children will celebrate being American Citizens.  The administrators also informed the board that tutoring would begin September 29th.
Mr. Steve Ramer updated the board on maintenance repairs. He announced that the bus routes have been adjusted the best way they could for the remainder of the year and told the board that one of the school’s buses had blown a head gasket. He suggested repairing the bus because the bus still has a lot of value to it. Mr. Ramer also mentioned the sale of excess goods from the school will be this weekend, along with the sale of tables and chairs, the hot ticket item will be the school’s old deep fat fryer.
Wrapping up the Administrative report’s Mrs. Nancy Goodwin was announced as the new Educational Liaison, and she would also be going to a Special Education Conference at the beginning of next week.
Mrs. Martha Gudehus, CTA president, updated the board on the CTA meeting being held September 16th at 3:30 in the Ag room of the High School.  The CTA also have something planned to celebrate custodial day, October 2nd, for the hardworking caretakers of the school.
The 2009 budget was discussed. There is a need of three substitutes to help the staff of Knox County perform effectively. These substitutes will replace the faculty while they go for technical training and to help out while a valued member of the staff rests.
 New Business was the next item on the agenda. The programs and services evolution was given by Mr. Turgeon and Mrs. Strange, they each stated the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of the schools. They both expressed similar notions about their staffs, and said that the new teachers are learning a lot of valuable information from the veteran staff.
The administration then showed off the new promethium boards with a slide show presentation of the children’s MAP testing scores, and the new changes in the MAP testing procedure. The boards were shown by the requests from some board members and to emphasize the usefulness of the educational tool.
The MACC dual credits agreement was then addressed. Forty students took advantage of the program this year and enrolled for a combined 372 credit hours. There are fourteen classes offered for dual credit with 42 credit hours available to the students.
The meeting adjourned at 8:20, with a roll call vote, 7-0.