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Fire Destroys Edina House

Early Sunday morning, at approximately 3:15 AM, the Edina Fire Department responded to a house fire call at the residence of Amanda Mullenix at 504 North Campbell Street in Edina.
 Tom Morgret of the Edina Fire Department reported that the house was a total loss and that no one was home at the time of the blaze. Morgret also stated that it took a little over four hours for the flames to be subdued. The fire department was called an additional three times to put out hot spots in the carnage. Morgret said, “ The house was too engulfed to tell, but Mullenix had said that she had been having some electrical problems.”
 A benefit is being planned for Mullenix and her children at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Edina, Saturday, December 19th at 7 PM.