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Knox County Community Center……..Right on Track

By Jeanne Bailey
Tike Harlow was the first Missouri resident to make a donation and utilize NAP tax credits to the Knox County Community Board Center. “I think it’s going to be good because there are so many walkers here in town and I’m one of them.  It will be great for people to have a safe, dry place to exercise.” Tike stated when asked about the future project.
In 2008, surveys were distributed in order to access the county’s needs. After tabulating all of the surveys, the conclusion was made that there was a large need for a health and fitness area; complete with indoor walking track and a large space to contain several hundred people comfortably for large community events.
The Knox County Community Center will be located on the block north of the courthouse. This is a three year project and must be completed by September 2012.
NAP tax credits are available to eligible businesses paying Missouri state taxes.
The building will contain a fitness area complete with walking track. The building will contain a large area for holding local events and meetings.
The Knox County Community Center Board has had a successful start and is one fourth of the way toward their goal of $500,000. Board President, Lindsay Leckbee, stated “I think we have had a successful 2009 for getting started so late in the year with our fundraising.”
If you are a business or other eligible donor wanting to contribute in exchange for tax credits, please contact any board member, or call 660-216-1235. Businesses can donate cash, materials, supplies, or equipment related to the business as well as labor, stocks, bonds or real estate. Tax credits may be carried forward up to five years on your tax return.  Your tax accountant can advise you of the benefits of utilizing tax credits.
Any individual or business can offer financial support for the community center project as well with a monetary donation. Donations of all amounts are appreciated and will go to good use.  If you want to make a cash donation to support this project, you can contact any board member, or send your donations to Knox County Community Center, 217 N First St., Edina, MO 63537.
Knox County Community Center Board Members are discussing several fundraising events to be held throughout the coming year. For Facebook users, check us out on the internet, with progress reports as well as upcoming events on our new Fan page.  
Knox County Community Center Board members are President, Lindsay Leckbee, Vice-President, Eric Klocke, Treasurer-Annie Fisher, Secretary-Cheryl Hayes, Secretary-Lori Moots Clair.  Board Members: Jeanne Bailey, Robert Becker, Gary Waite, Ken Berry, Larry Clark, Daryl Huchteman.
Disclaimer: Certain project costs have been underwritten by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, Neighborhood Assistance Program.