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Wastewater Treatment Plant Needs Half-Million Dollar Repair

Wastewater Treatment Plant Needs Half-Million Dollar Repair
By Echo Menges

A representative of the engineering firm Klinger & Associates, Mark Bross, recently did an independent evaluation of Edina’s Wastewater Treatment Plant at the request of Edina’s Wastewater Superintendent, Brad Eitel, after Eitel noticed an abnormal build up of rust in a water channel within the plant. Bross attended the Edina City Council meeting, held Monday, February 14, 2011, reporting his findings to the Mayor and all six City Council members.
According to Bross the Edina Wastewater Plant is in need of over $500,000 in repairs to bring the plant back from its current corroded condition. Bross says many of the plants metal parts are corroding and rusting away at a faster than normal rate because their protective coating is gone.
“Typically 20 years is a good timeline on equipment. This plant was built in ‘83 so we’re quite a ways past 20 years. It’s been maintained real well. That’s why you’ve gotten function out of it beyond 20 years.” Said Bross who gave a lot of credit to Eitel who’s been caring for and maintaining the plant for 13 years.
Bross recommended they replace several parts within two to three years to keep the plant from failing and to avoid a breakdown of the equipment.
The council agreed to systematically replace the plant’s most worn out parts over a three-year period, which will begin this summer with some much needed electrical repairs, giving city officials time to plan the most pressing and expensive repairs into the City’s 2012 and 2013 budgets.
“I can keep it going another three years if that’s what needs to happen.” Said Eitel.