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School Overpayments Being Returned To Knox County

School Overpayments Being  Returned To Knox County
By Echo Menges

According to the Knox County Clerk, Marlene Spory, money overpaid to the LaPlata R-II School District in the amount of $8,744.23 has been paid back to Knox County and will be re-distributed to the Knox County R-I School District. The Adair County R-II School District, which now owes Knox County $60,487.48 for overpayments has submitted a payment plan outlining how they intend to pay the county back over a three year period.
The letter dated, October 28, 2011 states that the Adair County R-II School District will make three payments of over $20,000 in January of 2012 through 2014. According to the letter both districts Superintendents and Boards of Education have approved the agreement.
The money being recouped was incorrectly allocated to the Adair County R-II School District (Brashear) and the LaPlata R-II School District over three years, 2008, 2009 and 2010 from the Knox County Railroad/Utility Tax Fund.