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Edina City Council Hosts Public Hearings On Rate Increases

Edina City Council Hosts Public Hearings On Rate Increases

By Echo Menges

The short story of the City of Edina’s public hearings on
January 30, 2012 on a water, sewer and trash rate increase is that because of
the extensive work that needs to be done to revamp the city’s sewer system and
Waste Water Treatment Facility the rate increases are likely to pass at the
next Edina City Council meeting on February 13, 2012.

About 20 community members attended the meeting to get a
better understanding about what’s happening concerning the increases and to voice
their concerns about having to pay the higher fees.

It was made clear by Mayor David Strickler and City Grant
Writer John Bode that not only will rates have to be increased but that they
will go up even more if the city’s bond issue doesn’t pass in the April

“We don’t have any choice. The choice is either do the bonds
and do it smartly and do it as cheap as we possibly can or wait until they
force us to do it and have a bill we definitely cannot afford to pay.” Said

It was also pointed out that at the hearing a mistake was
found in the proposed increase rate of the residential trash fee. An adjustment
has been made. The proposed residential trash fee has been lowered from $18.50
to $16. Currently residential trash customers are paying $14.75 a month.

Another public hearing is scheduled for Monday, February 13,
2012 at the Edina City Hall. Anyone with questions or concerns about the
proposed water, sewer and trash rate increases is encouraged to attend. The
City Council is expected to vote on the increase immediately afterward during
their regularly scheduled February 13, 2012 meeting. If voted in the higher
fees will go into effect next month.

An audio recording of the Edina Public Hearing held on
January 30, 2012 can be found on our web site at