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Runaways Cross State & County Lines In Stolen Car Fiasco

Runaways Cross State & County Lines In Stolen Car Fiasco

By Echo Menges

Two Kirksville runaways caused quite a fiasco in Adair, Knox
and Lewis counties in Missouri and in Adams County, IL over the weekend of
February 4 and 5, 2012.

According to Knox
County Sheriff, Mike Kite, the duo were reported missing in Kirksville and
allegedly roved around Northeast Missouri in almost a half dozen stolen cars,
several of them taken from or found in Knox County.

As far as Sheriff Kite can tell the two juveniles came to
Edina in a vehicle they stole from Kirksville, purposefully crashed into
another car near Deano’s Garage, then ditched it at the Edina Ball Field in the
northeast corner of town.

The two somehow made it to Baring and stole another car,
possibly before they ditched the first car at the ball field.

The car they allegedly stole in Baring was recovered at the
Junction of Highway 16 and Highway 6 in Lewistown where another vehicle was
stolen. The vehicle stolen from Lewistown was recovered in Quincy, IL after it
was crashed into a permanent concrete fixture.

A law enforcement official in Quincy spotted the two
subjects walking down Highway 24 and one of the runaways was apprehended while
the other got away.

On Sunday afternoon, February 5, while on a routine check of
Sever Lake in Newark, Sheriff Kite spotted a vehicle with Illinois plates and a
juvenile sleeping inside.

“After I identified the juvenile I knew there was a Division
of Youth Services warrant for their arrest,” said Sheriff Kite. “The juvenile
was injured and had to go to the hospital.”

The juvenile was taken into custody by the Sheriff without
incident and transported to the Northeast Regional Medical Center in
Kirksville. Sheriff Kite accompanied the juvenile to the hospital. Later that
evening the juvenile was turned over to Adair County Juvenile Services.

This case is under investigation by the Adair, Knox and
Lewis County Sheriff’s Offices along with the Quincy Police Department and
Adams County, IL Sheriff’s Office.