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Doing What She Loves

Doing What She Loves

By Echo Menges

Knox County native, Sharon Shubert, has been creating art
nearly all of her life. She loves to draw and paint and one of her favorite
artists is Norman Rockwell. Her affair with art began in high school and
Shubert says her art teacher, Marilyn Waite, was a great encouragement to her
and helped her to develop her skill.

When Shubert was 15 years old a pencil drawing she did of
Donnie Osmond was printed in 17 Magazine and she’s been painting and drawing
pictures of Elvis on anything that will hold still since she was young.

About 20 years ago she painted her first mural themed
“Noah’s Ark” in the Edina United Methodist Church’s Sunday school room.
Recently Shubert completed her latest creation, which is a mural themed “In The
Beginning” painted in the Knox City Baptist Church’s Sunday school room. The
project began in October of last year and was completed on February 9, 2012.

Shubert was asked to take on the project by friend and
co-worker, Amy Davis. Davis is the Sunday school teacher at the church and
thought the room needed some character. The theme of “In The Beginning” was
Davis’ idea.

“The theme was given to me. It was my vision from God.” Said

Once the project got going the two spent almost all of their
free time at the church so Shubert could work on the mural.

“We spent many late nights working on it,” said Davis.

“Once we started it was like it was meant to be. We didn’t
have any problems,” said Shubert. “It just flowed with ideas and the more we
progressed the more excited we were.”

Now that the mural is complete the room tells the story of
how God created the heavens and the earth with Shubert’s artwork on every wall.

A small group met at the Knox City Baptist Church on
Thursday, February 16, 2012 to visit and bless the finished Sunday school room.
Pastor Doug Wilson led the blessing of the room.