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Superintendent Making Rounds To Gather Support For School Bond Issue On April Ballot

Superintendent Making Rounds To Gather Support For School
Bond Issue On April Ballot

By Echo Menges

Knox County R-I School District Superintendent, Andy
Turgeon, isn’t taking any chances with the district’s $2.3 million bond issue,
which will be on the April 3 Ballot. Turgeon has been making appearances all
over the county in hopes that Knox County voters will pass the measure and the
district can move forward with the many, many needed improvements and repairs
to Knox County schools.

“We’re taking bids now to begin some of the work this
summer. We have some money to do some of it now, but the majority of the
projects will have to be funded by the bond.” Said Turgeon who’d been making
the rounds for weeks talking to parents and voters at school games, the
Nutrition Site, Casey’s, Rotary meetings and on the radio at KMEM.

“If people understand what we’re doing, that it’s a no tax
increase, and that we have some structural issues that we need to address to
keep this building in top shape so that we can educate in it for years to come
who’s going to vote against it?” Said Turgeon. “Not to mention the fact that
everything we’re doing is going to improve in efficiency. Over time it’s going
to save our school district some money.”

The district has also linked their website to facebook to
help get the message out to parents and voters, along with other types of
school information, and can be found by going to their website at and clicking on the facebook icon.

In the mean time Turgeon will continue his mission of
informing parents and voters about the bond issue and be out and about the
county talking to folks right up to the last minute. He’s focused on doing
everything he can to inform the public and get the school repair and
improvement measure passed.

“It’s important voters that are not going to be in the
district on April 3 know they can get their absentee ballot now and people who
are not registered to vote in the April election have until March 7 to do
that,” said Turgeon.