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Knox County Voters Showed Strong Support Of Local Issues

Knox County Voters Showed Strong Support Of Local Issues

By Echo Menges

Knox County voters made their way to the polls last Tuesday,
April 3, 2012 and supported all three major issues on the Municipal Election

In total 748 ballots were cast in Knox County, which is a
voter turnout of 31 percent.

Both county ballot questions, the county’s continuation of a
half-cent sales tax and the school district’s $2.3 million bond issue, did
extremely well. The half-cent sales tax continuation passed with 87 percent of
voters in favor and only 13 percent against. The school district’s bond
question had 83 percent of voters in support and 17 percent against.

“We’re glad Knox County voters saw the importance of
continuing the half cent sales tax,” said Presiding Knox County Commissioner
Evan Glasgow. “If it wouldn’t have passed we would have had to make extreme
cuts next year to an already tight budget.”

In Edina 276 voters were cast votes on the city’s $4 million
revenue bond question with 72 percent in favor of the bond and 28 percent

“I am glad that the bond passed. I had faith in the good
citizens of Edina and their judgment. You never know until the votes are
counted. We’ll be signing notices to proceed on the clarifier work for the
wastewater treatment plant Monday at the meeting and moving forward with city’s
sewer project.” Said Edina Mayor Davey Strickler.