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Opportunity Knox

Opportunity Knox

By Thomas Christen

Health Educator/Director

K. C. Community Center

My name is Thomas Christen and I am the Health
Educator/Director of the Knox County Community Center. I have a degree from the
University of Missouri at Columbia in Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis in
Fitness and Nutrition. I have also worked as a Personal Trainer in Columbia for
six years prior to coming here and worked with a wide array of people.

With the opening of the Knox County Community Center there
will be many opportunities for Knox County citizens to focus on and improve the
health of themselves, their families and in many cases their employees. This
column, “Opportunity Knox,” will be submitted monthly to give readers health,
wellness and nutrition information and advice about living a healthy lifestyle.

I want people to know we are committed to helping the
community and hope this column will assist with that goal. One way of doing
this would be to answer questions that you may have pertaining to living a healthier
lifestyle. Please send any questions
that you may have to:

Knox County Community Center

P.O. Box 219

Edina, MO 63537

Or email your question to

I look forward to answering your questions and to help you
meet your fitness and wellness goals. Just remember with the opening of the
community center that “Opportunity Knox.”