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Knox County Water District: Customers Need To Conserve, Water Demand Too High

By Echo Menges

Gary Mallett of the Knox County Water District contacted the Sentinel office on Monday, July 9, 2012 asking everyone receiving KCWD service to conserve water usage.
“Due to high demand we’re asking everyone to start conserving water and keep it to just necessities. The demand is so high that we just can’t keep up. We’re running at 100 percent capacity. Through the daytime a lot of our towers go down and they fill up at night, but the demand is so high we’re not getting any water back into them at nighttime.  We have about 1,800 customers throughout the district. If the present demand stays as high as it is the board will have to take steps to do mandatory conservation and we’re probably only a week away from that if the demand doesn’t slow. The best way to conserve water is to not water the lawn and garden or wash cars or fill swimming pools. It’s so dry we’re really in dire hurt for water,” said Mallett.