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Cloudy Water Safe For Drinking

By Echo Menges

   According to the City of Edina’s Superintendent, Mike Wriedt, the city’s water provider, Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission, alternates from their usual water treatment of chloramines to liquid chlorine once a year.

   “They run liquid chlorine treated water through the lines once a year for two weeks as a precautionary measure to help disinfect chloramines treated water more efficiently. The reason they do that is to prevent water born bacteria from accumulating in the lines,” said Wriedt. “Every year the chemical change causes a little cloudiness in the water because when the two chemicals interact they make oxygen. It’s those tiny air bubbles that cause the water to look cloudy.”

   According to Wriedt the cloudiness of the water does not affect the water quality and it is safe to drink.

   “We send water samples off for testing twice a month and we haven’t had a bad sample since I’ve been here,” Said Wriedt. “We did go ahead and clear out some of the lines to help it clear up a little faster. We want our customers to have the highest quality product.”

   On Monday, October 29, 2012, Clarence Cannon will return to their standard water treatment with chloramines, which could cause more cloudiness, but is expected to clear even faster this time.

   “If you notice some cloudiness it is okay and safe to drink. If anyone has any questions they can always call City Hall and we’ll be happy to talk to them about it,” said Wriedt. “This happens every year and it’s not anything to worry about.”