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Ameren Power Rate Increase On The Horizon

Ameren Power Rate Increase On The Horizon

By Echo Menges


During the City of Edina’s regular City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Ameren UE representative, Annette Sweet, met with the council to reintroduce herself to the officials and offer any assistance she could give where Ameren UE is concerned.

Among the things Sweet pointed out to the council is Edina’s new Line Serviceman, David Hardwick of Kirksville. He is the most recent replacement for long time Edina serviceman Jerry Reeves, who retired earlier this year.

Sweet also informed the council that a power rate increase for Missouri’s Ameren UE customers is on the horizon.

“On a somber note we do have a rate increase that the PSC (Missouri Public Service Commission) is going to rule on in December,” said Sweet. “So probably there will be a rate increase in January. We don’t know how much.”

Sweet also reported to the council that starting in January Ameren UE will have an energy efficiency incentive program, which has not been announced yet, but is expected to give customers discounts for purchasing energy efficient appliances.

“Hopefully that will offset the increase,” said Sweet. “Helping customers lower their bills and use less power will also help us from having to build another power plant.”

According to Sweet, the less energy Ameren UE customers use the easier it will be for the company to get by with what they’ve got.

A higher demand for power could increase rates even more in the long run should the demand make it necessary for Ameren UE to have to build another base power plant. The longer that can be held off the better because it will undoubtedly lead to more rate hikes.

Should the PSC decide to allow the increase, new rate information should be released in mid December and could take effect as early as January of 2013.