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Egyptian Catholic Priest Visits Heartland Church

By Echo Menges

   On Sunday, February 3, 2013, a very special visitor, Father Basilios, gave the morning and evening sermons at the Heartland Community Church on the invitation of church leader Charles Sharpe, who is a globe trotting missionary himself.

   Fr. Basilios is a priest at Jesus the King, a Coptic Catholic Church in Minya, Egypt, which is a city off the eastern bank of the Nile about 250 kilometers south of Cairo.

Sharpe met Fr. Basilios during one of his mission trips to Egypt. The two cultivated a friendship based on their Christian religions and Sharpe began speaking to Fr. Basilios’ congregation during his Egyptian mission trips.

Fr. Basilios’ sermons at Heartland were preached in Arabic and translated by Heartland Christian College Professor Ashraf Ibrahim Kamel.

“Everyone has a moment of difficulty, a moment to really change,” said Fr. Basilios. “Maybe this moment is yours.”


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